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    The digital world where everyone is a photographer

      We live in a photographic era: just a decade shy of the 200th anniversary of the world's first recorded photograph, the science of the field has advanced so rapidly that today everyone is a...


    We live in a photographic era: just a decade shy of the 200th anniversary of the world’s first recorded photograph, the science of the field has advanced so rapidly that today everyone is a photographer. In this day and age of selfies and Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, we can probably all admit to having taken ourselves a little too seriously as amateur photographers at some point.

    This overwhelming prevalence of photography, though, can leave one questioning just what it takes to excel in the field. In short, what sets an exceptional photographer apart from an amateur? The best photographers today contribute to the rich diversity of the field, but they also share some essential qualities that result in images that transcend the every day and enter into the exceptional.

    A key component of high-quality photography, just like any art form, is composition. No talented photographer will simply lift and shoot a camera hoping that frame will be fantastic. The skilled photographer will devote significant time to finding just the right arrangement of compositional elements. Also essential is the role of lighting, particularly when working in black-and-white photography. What is illuminated (and even what is not) can become the focal point of the composition, so it is essential that an image be not too intensely or too dimly lit.

    It is also crucial that the photograph allows you into a moment in time. Whether the composition is packed with cues or is a minimalist perspective of the human form, those photographs that excel are those that transport the viewer, either to another moment in their life or another moment in time altogether. Quality photography can be an escape into another world, and it is that illusion of escape that makes provocative photography all the more powerful: a tasteful glimpse is all it takes.

    Perhaps what is most elemental among the great photography of today is that the images themselves prove inspirational. Whether that inspiration takes the form of luring the viewer into the picture’s world or motivating the viewer to attempt a similar compositional approach, the best photography energizes those who see it. This level of inspiration comes from the root passion of the photographer, but he or she will know that success has been achieved if a similar passion resonates in those who view the image.

    Of course, these aspects are easier said than accomplished. If these characteristics were easy to achieve, we would all be photographers on par with masters like early 20th-century icon Alfred Stieglitz or contemporary fashion favorite Helmut Lang. It is, though, the challenges meet all elements that separate the unknown from the universally renowned, the amateur from the professional.

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    Why You Should Buy Limited Edition Art

    There’s a prestige that goes along with owning limited edition art, but it comes with a price tag. Is it really worth it with so much mass-produced art available for less? True, limited edition fine art...

    There’s a prestige that goes along with owning limited edition art, but it comes with a price tag. Is it really worth it with so much mass-produced art available for less? True, limited edition fine art prints aren’t for everybody, but their appeal is hardly just for collectors and connoisseurs.

    Erotic Photography
    Geisha by Frank Verbreyt

    We take a look at some of the reasons you may want to shop for limited edition art:

    Because You Want To Make An Investment

    Art is a unique investment. When you invest in stocks, your investment is all but invisible until you sell. With investing in real estate there is constant maintenance and you have to pray the housing market doesn’t collapse like it did in 2008.

    When you buy art, on the other hand, you have the immediate benefit of owning art. You don’t need to fix it or maintain it, you can simply enjoy it in your home, office, or collection. This makes art an appealing investment as you wait for its value to mature.

    Limited edition art appreciates in value over time. As the artist grows in popularity early prints can be especially valuable. Buying from emerging artists can be especially lucrative, as the value of their work has the potential for a significant increase as the artist makes their way into the spotlight.

    Limited edition Photography
    Wind by Alexrm

    Mass-produced art doesn’t have this same appreciation because the lack of scarcity makes it too available to retain high value. Limited edition art prints have an inherent scarcity due there being only a select number of prints. As well, they are a lower-risk investment than original or one-of-a-kind art because their initial price is lower.

    The art investment market is in a state of growth. Especially in the West where the USA has become the largest art market in the world.

    Because The Quality Is Better

    The digital era is ushering in the democratization of art. While online print-on-demand shops services like Printful and Redbubble allow for the mass production of art, allowing artists to sell easily. However, the quality of these prints is more dubious.

    Sculptural Erotic Photography
    Nudes by Pierto | Chiara #8

    Mass art producing companies do not adhere to the same strict quality standards as you find in limited edition art. For limited prints, the printer and artist may go through a number of proofs, setting up the printer to get the perfect print before production commences.

    It’s not just the printing that is better. The quality of the medium being printed on matters as well. Using the highest quality printing paper and canvas results in a more appealing, more professional product that lasts.

    Because You Want To Support The Artist

    Buying art is the best way to support artists and the art community at large. Purchasing fine art prints doesn’t just help support the artist financially. It also helps them refine their art to match their audience, as well as growing their reputation.

    Successfully selling limited edition art collections help artists get their name out. Sales make it easier for them to get featured in galleries, magazines, online reviews, and can even help them secure more commission work.

    Couples Erotic Art
    Ben Ernst | What Love Has To Do With It

    When you purchase limited edition art, you help grow the artist’s value and reputation. In turn, this increases the value of the art you purchase.

    Because The Distribution Is Limited

    Limited edition art has fewer prints. Fewer prints mean greater scarcity, which means each print has greater value. While this is great for investment purposes, the benefits are not only financial.

    Erotic Photographer
    Craig Colvin | Womb Mates

    The scarcity means your fine art print is more unique. That makes it more personal to you. You can really make a statement about you and/or the room you are decorating with nude art when the piece is less readily available. Mass-produced art can look nice, but it doesn’t speak the same way.

    Unique art is an effective conversation piece and has more allure. People are attracted to the art they are unfamiliar with. It gives a better impression of your art knowledge as well as adding prestige.

    Shop Limited Edition Art

    Art Provocateur is an online gallery featuring the finest limited edition nude and erotic art from a mix of established and growing artists. We partner with the highest quality printing services and even have exclusive contracts with some of our artists. You can discover titillating fine art prints you won’t find anywhere else.

    Browse our collection of limited edition erotic art today.

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    Blockchain In The Art Market Powered By Artory

    Art Provocateur Gallery (APG) is excited to announce its partnership with Artory, a leading art registry and secure database for artworks and objects, that utilizes blockchain technology for the art...

    Art Provocateur Gallery (APG) is excited to announce its partnership with Artory, a leading art registry and secure database for artworks and objects, that utilizes blockchain technology for the art market.

    What is blockchain technology?

    Blockchain technology is a digital database that exists on multiple computers at the same time. A chain starts with the addition of new records of information or blocks. Each block created has a unique timestamp and then links to any previous block, which then forms the chain. Then through cryptography, the writing, and solving of codes, the blocks are linked together. By using cryptography, which provides secrecy and integrity to data, both authentication and anonymity of communications are guaranteed. This is the same type of code used in cryptocurrency or digital assets such as bitcoin.

    Blockchain in the art market

    Blockchain in the art market helps broaden possibilities. Galleries can verify artworks with issued registration records and unique cryptographic signatures. Furthermore, blockchain technology in the art market creates public reports of provenance and provides a safe digital infrastructure.

    Blockchain registered art powered by Artory Blockchain registration, offered by Artory certifies artworks with a sixty-four character alpha-numeric unique identifier. This identifier called a hash, is then registered to the blockchain. When someone buys an artwork through APG, they now own the digital certificate, the hash, for the artwork. Furthermore, their names will appear anonymously on the certificate of sale. When the work changes ownership, the new owner is then digitally registered, and the provenance tracked. By keeping track of the provenance, the value of an artwork can increase.

    Emergence P4510
    Emergence by RMF

    The access to encrypted blockchain technology offered by Artory is greatly beneficial to the art world. Using blockchain not only ensures the protection of art but also increases the prosperity and pleasure for those who buy, own, or sell art. By using blockchain technology, trusted art and cultural institutions and other experts such as galleries, auction houses, and museums can securely register artworks. They can keep a record of what sales, exhibits, any appraisals, or even catalog inspections done on behalf of their patrons and clients and provide them with reliable certificates.

    Blockchain technology protects both artworks and institutions. By partnering with Artory, Art Provocateur Gallery can engage with verified collectors and have exclusive rights to connect with them confidently. Not only that, but Artory allows institutions to be a voice of authority and education in art. Furthermore, some of the advantages of using blockchain in the art world include provenance tracking, increased value over time, theft prevention, and avoiding illegal duplication or production of fakes.

    APG blockchain via Artory

    Art Provocateur Gallery is now offering blockchain-secured digital certificates of registration for APG represented artists and artwork. This means that all artwork sold is registered to the blockchain, giving it a digital certificate of registration, digitally signed by the artist. When an artist signs the digital certificate, they are approving the sale and verifying the authenticity of the artwork. Additionally, Artory provides a digitally signed and blockchain-secured Certificate of Registration for buyers accessible only through the private and decrypted Collector’s Vault.

    Blockchain via Artory
    Blockchain registered art powered by Artory

    Untitled by Alina LebedevaWith Art Provocateur Gallery now registering artwork to the blockchain through Artory, APG shares the benefits and services with the artists they represent and collector’s base. Not only that, but APG’s access to Artory’s public registry offers transparency and credibility. Any APG purchased artwork registered via Artory has its provenance freely available on the registry for all registered users to see. Additionally, buyers remain completely anonymous, but can still use their certificate as proof of ownership. Furthermore, registered artworks resold at auction or between collectors have their provenance tracked while still maintaining buyer anonymity. 

    Benefits for living artists

    Though primarily serving as a public registry, Artory’s services also greatly benefit living artists. Through the secure database, artists can claim ownership of their work and reduce forgery incidents with certificates of authenticity. A blockchain-secured digital certificate can serve as an artist’s signature when marked/printed on the artwork. Blockchain technology in the art market can also ensure that an artwork has the correct documentation in perpetuity. It is also the primary step to establishing a secure and legitimate provenance trail from the moment a work leaves an artist’s studio or foundation. Another benefit includes giving the artists the ease of tracking any future sales and simplifying royalty payments.

    Nude Art Sitting 5500 Series
    Nude Art Sitting Female by Julia Gogol

    Artists registered through verified partner institutions such as APG have access to benefits such as faster approval of sales, digital signature for works, and increased value over time. Artists’ inventories, sales, and productions registered to Artory through APG are managed by the gallery itself. Additionally, if APG is responsible for producing limited edition prints, the gallery takes care of printing or embossing each work with the digital certificate number (hash) that is registered to the blockchain.

    Benefits for collectors

    Another party benefited by APG’s and Artory’s partnership is the collectors of fine erotic art. The services offered by Artory allows collectors to register their artworks and receive digital signatures vetted by certified art institutions. Therefore, collectors from all over the world can confidently be part of the art community and have access to enhanced knowledge. Additionally, collectors have access to the registered provenance and object information uploaded to Artory’s public ledger. Advocating for a commitment to privacy and confidentiality.

    Nude Art Living Room Loft P5024 P4999
    Untitled by Alina Lebedeva

    Artory’s partnership with Art Provocateur Gallery ensures that any sensitive information of an art sale is secured to the blockchain. Furthermore, Artory’s teams in New York, Berlin, and Bangkok establish the registry as a neutral and trusted resource for the useful purpose of blockchain technology in the art market.

  • Model with painting by arkadiy kozlovskiy

    Pornography or Erotic Art?

    Is erotic art pornography? While not a simple question to answer, addressing it is necessary in order to bring clarity, appreciation, and understanding of this topic by what at times can be considered an...

    Is erotic art pornography? While not a simple question to answer, addressing it is necessary in order to bring clarity, appreciation, and understanding of this topic by what at times can be considered an extremely sexualized society. We must ask: What is erotic art? What is pornography? What is the difference between them, and how can we develop a knowledgeable perspective on the issue?

    pornography or erotica by arkadiy kozlovskiy
    Arkadiy Kozlovskiy | Yulya Svet

    In order to understand the difference, we must first address the definition of each word. Art is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” A work of art conveys a concept, an idea, or a group of ideas. It is communication between the artist and the viewer, listener, or reader. Within art and the viewing of it, there is no shame; at least, there shouldn’t be. Art inspires interest and deep thought, however, there is not usually a blatant push for action intended by the artist. For example, a work of tastefully erotic art can hang on a wall and be understood by artists and the individuals viewing it, that while sexy, the piece is not necessarily intended to motivate the viewer to engage in the eroticism being portrayed. At this point, one can begin to see the difference between art and pornography, once the purpose of erotic art is understood.

    Bruno Fournier 6709
    Photographer: Bruno Fournier

    We must next define the word pornography in order to understand its meaning as well. The word pornography originates from, “pornographos,” a Greek word that refers to prostitution. Webster’s defines pornography as “the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement,” or, “the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction.” The motivation of pornography, then, is not the communication of a concept or idea. Its intention is for action on the part of the viewer, reader, or listener. Within pornography and normally, a consumer of pornography, there is generally a strong push for gratification of sorts.

    Within pornography, there is generally a strong push for gratification.

    There is not usually an inspiration for deep thoughts and consideration contained in the intention of pornography toward its consumers. For example, a sexual depiction as part of a marketing campaign may be considered pornographic, as it motivates action. The sexual depiction is not represented for contemplation, appreciation, or communication of an idea other than to motivate the viewer, listener, or reader to engage in what is being sold. Unfortunately, as a result of the pornography industry and the sexually saturated marketing campaigns so prominent today, there is a gross lack of understanding of the difference between erotic art and pornography.

    Tobias Ginski 7269
    Photographer: Tobias Ginski

    Let us not leave out the perspective that erotic art is a communication of beauty, while the purpose of pornography is not for the consumer to take the time to appreciate beauty and ideas. Tasteful art is about the artist, and what is being communicated by him or her. It is an invitation of the artist extended to the consumer to participate in his or her art via intellect. Pornography is about the viewer, listener, or reader, and what can be gained by him or her as a result of consuming it.

    Rick 7291
    Wildlife by Rick

    The understatement of tasteful art when comparing erotica and pornography is also to be appreciated. It evokes the thoughtful emotion of the consumer. The communication of art can be assessed, understood, and reassessed with appreciation. However, pornography is seldom understated and does not usually promote the consumer to take the time to assess or thoughtfully examine. The general motivation is clear, blatant and at times, forceful. This brings to the forefront the argument that what is considered pornographic does lie within the viewer. An artistic work that one individual may view as simply erotic, may cause that “strong emotional” and motivated reaction within a different person that may be considered pornographic.

    THEKEYTOROOM237 7113
    Photographer: THEKEYTOROOM237

    It is important for consumers of art to fully understand and continue to educate themselves on the difference between erotic art and pornography. It is a path of understanding and personal growth not to be regretted.

    Art Provocateur Gallery presents a beautifully curated collection of nude and erotic art from around the world. We welcome you to peruse erotic art for sale at ArtProvocateur.com.

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    What Is Erotic Art

    Erotic art is often misunderstood. Scholars and artists alike can struggle to truly define erotic art. Most often they rely on explaining what erotic art isn’t, or on the idea of “you know it when you...

    Erotic art is often misunderstood. Scholars and artists alike can struggle to truly define erotic art. Most often they rely on explaining what erotic art isn’t, or on the idea of “you know it when you see it.”

    erotic art thomas donaldson
    Artist: Thomas Donaldson

    This lack of definition creates a challenge for the genre. We take a crack at an easy way to grasp definition.

    Definition of Erotic Art

    Erotic art is an art that either depicts sexual activity and/or is designed with the intent of provoking arousal. While it has erotic intentions, it is also something that can be appreciated as art if absent of arousal. It is fine art with erotic themes and/or imagery.

    Starf by Rick 7235
    Starf*** by Rick

    This definition separates erotic artists from pornographers. Void of arousal, pornography is not typically artistically driven.

    As well, this definition avoids painting all sexual imagery as erotic art. For instance, the famous Baulé fertility statues depict a man and woman nude. Although they depict nudity, there is no erotic intent so they do not fall under the erotic art category.

    Instead, the purpose of these statues is to promote fertility. They’re actually a popular exhibit for couples who are trying to conceive. According to Ripley’s (who has the statues on display):

    Baule Statues
    Baulé Tribe | Fertility Statues

    “Thousands of women have testified that after trying to conceive for years. They got pregnant after laying their hands on the legendary statue’s.”

    These represent a clear example of the difference between nude and erotic sculptures.

    Why is Defining Erotic Art Important?

    All great art has its critics. But, erotica suffers criticisms and challenges that other genres aren’t as exposed to. One of the biggest reasons it is important to define erotic art is that a misrepresentation as pornography leads to its suppression.

    Silence by Nai Sirrom 6961
    Silence by Nai Sirrom

    Freedom of speech protects the arts. Pornography, however, is not privy to the same protections because of its classification as obscene.

    Art or Obscenity?

    In the famous Miller v. California 1973 trial, the courts established a three-factor rule that satisfies whether to legally categorize a piece as art or obscenity. Miller was arrested for selling, distributing, and publishing obscene materials. His defense: the works were not obscene because they possessed social value.

    Although his defense did not stand, the trial did lead to a standard for determining whether to classify something as art or obscenity. A piece must meet all three factors:

    Bodyscape Photography
    No Tilte No 7 | Yevgeniy Repiashenko
    1. * Whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the works as a whole appeal to the prurient interest;
    2. * Whether the work depicts or describes sexual conduct or excretory functions, as defined by state law, in an offensive way; and
    3. * Whether the work as a whole lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

    With regards to the first two points, they are subjective depending on the time and locations. The third point, however, is really the crux of what separates art from obscenity. Erotic art contains serious artistic value.

    The Philosophy of Erotica

    The philosophy of erotic art goes beyond arousal. It has been a part of human culture since our earliest discovered records. Erotica is part of who we are, and its artwork is a means of embracing human nature.

    Is All Erotic Art Nude?

    As evidenced in famous paintings, like Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, not all nude art is erotic. But is all erotic art nude? This is a common misconception, but erotica does not rely on nudity.

    Erotic themes, situations, or suggestions do not require nudity. In erotic photography, the model’s clothing and posing can drive the erogenous appeal. A good example is burlesque photography where the model’s attire is sexually suggestive.

    Fetish Photography
    Woman Spitting Water | Tenaglia

    Erotic artists may also focus on body parts that are commonly linked to sexual interaction and/or arousal. An artist may specifically focus on sexualized body parts like legs, breasts, genitalia, hands, and feet to evoke something in the viewer.

    Whether through incorporating a fetish or the implication of sexuality, erotic art does not require nudity.

    Where to Find Erotic Art

    Today, there is no shortage of ways to discover art. Galleries, shows, and social media provide easy access for long time collectors or first-time buyers. Erotic art, however, has remained more elusive. Art Provocateur Gallery is the premier online gallery for erotic art.  Browse the largest selection of erotic art from some of America’s best erotic photographers.

  • Woman with mouth covered by Marcel van der Vlugt

    Erotic Nude Art | Contemporary vs Abstract

    If you’re an erotic nude art enthusiast, you truly appreciate the form and sensuality of the human body. As an admirer, you may notice how the intricacies of the human figure transform with each...

    If you’re an erotic nude art enthusiast, you truly appreciate the form and sensuality of the human body. As an admirer, you may notice how the intricacies of the human figure transform with each different artistic style. Depending on whether the nude is a contemporary work or abstraction, the nature of the nude will adjust and change according to each style, manifesting itself differently to reflect the specific aesthetic approach.

    Woman with mouth covered by Marcel van der Vlugt
    Marcel van der Vlugt | Woman (2001)

    With abstract eroticism, we are invited to experience the female form in a new way; the imagery and colors are often distorted for an enhanced perspective. Comparatively, the contemporary erotic nude offers us a real-world view of today’s women, while sometimes also offering a critical standpoint from which to perceive female identity.

    If you have not yet broadened your tastes within the erotic nude genre, you can consider embracing versions across different styles. It’s outstanding to see how the nude’s beauty is reinvented through various creative modes.

    An erotic nude’s beauty is reinvented through various creative modes.

    With the conceptual approach, the contemporary artist is representing a theoretical issue that addresses culture or politics in a critical way. In response, we are invited to explore a current-day problem affecting global society. Marcel Van Der Vlugt shows conceptualism in his work, inviting us to explore a deeply loaded social issue regarding western women. His photograph depicts a woman wearing a mouth cover while having her voluptuous breasts exposed.

    Alex Machev 6719
    Photographer: Alex Manchev

    There are many feminists and activists who feel such objectification is cruel and misogynistic. Nevertheless, the woman’s nudity is also equated with sublimity and purity through the white flowers, which evoke a quiet beauty. Overall, there is special mysticism and fantasy surrounding this scene.

    In the case of the contemporary erotic nude art, we are encouraged to approach the scene with a more critical eye as opposed to merely appreciating its aesthetic value. With the contemporary nude, the artist will often utilize the naked body for either of two objectives: documental or conceptual.

    With the documentary approach, the artist is depicting or exploiting today’s men or women to reflect the life and times in which they live. Alex Manchev reveals this contemporary theme through a realistic atmosphere. The woman’s made-up eyes and provocative pose and heels offer a provocative sex stereotype, displayed on an apartment balcony ledge while smoking a cigarette on a sunny day. These elements produce an overwhelming commonplace context, identifiable by the viewer, making it both arousing yet familiar.

    'Love Me' painting by artist Renu G
    Renu G | Love Me (2009)

    With abstract eroticism, on the other hand, we are encouraged to appreciate human physicality in an entirely new light. The colors and forms are expressed purely through the artists’ unique vision. As a result, the imagery is often deeply rooted in personal taste, leaving the formal elements distorted and expressive.

    Erotic imagery is shown poignantly in Renu G’s work, Lust, where she focuses on the provocative nature of ‘line’. Although the artist only leaves subtle marks on the canvas, she provides just enough information to suggest strong sexual energy.

    Blue Flower painted by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1918
    Georgia O’Keeffe | Blue Flower (1918)

    Another superb example of erotic abstract art is the blue masterpiece “Flower” by Georgia O’Keeffe. While only subtly indicating the shape of a vagina, the artist gracefully appeals to our primal perceptions of the genitalia. The artist merely uses a variety of swift flower-like shapes, yet it’s still immediately identifiable and arousing.

    However, the use of blue makes this a compelling abstract work as this color is usually associated with coldness and distance. Conversely, the color red is often linked to passion and sensuality, making blue an interesting color choice for this particular piece. Nevertheless, this choice adds an odd sublimity and peacefulness that we do not often associate with the vagina, a symbol of empowerment and fertility. For this reason, the viewer can approach this work as an elegant expression of female eroticism.

    No matter which artistic style is being used to depict eroticism, there will almost always be a raw organic beauty in every piece. Whether the work is contemporary or abstract, you can appreciate the beauty and nature of nakedness in all its forms. Through each type of expression, the soul of nudity is celebrated through the artist’s unique lens, inviting you as the viewer to share the experience.

    Where to Find Erotic Nude Art

    Today, there is no shortage of ways to discover art. Galleries, shows, and social media provide easy access for long time collectors or first-time buyers. Erotic nude art, however, has remained more elusive. Art Provocateur Gallery is the premier online gallery for erotic art.  Browse the largest selection of erotic art from artists from all over the world.

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    Pros and Cons of Social Media for Erotic Artists

    For emerging artists, social media platforms are becoming a necessity for building their name and their following. Instagram is an especially valuable platform for sharing art, connecting with fans, and...

    For emerging artists, social media platforms are becoming a necessity for building their name and their following. Instagram is an especially valuable platform for sharing art, connecting with fans, and promotion.

    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    There has never been so much opportunity for artists to reach their audience, especially for niche genres. However, there are a number of pitfalls and challenges that come along with using social media for self-promotion. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of social media for artists.


    Democratization of Art

    The democratization of art comes down to making art more accessible. This mindset is often tied back to the French Revolution, which resulted in a democratization of culture in France. This branched out into the idea of sharing art with the people.

    It’s an important concept in the art world, turning art from a leisure of the elite to something embraced by the people. It helped to revolutionize art in new and interesting ways.

    Art Provocateur Gallery 4
    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    Today, social media is allowing for the democratization of art at a scale and speed we have never seen before.

    Artists are not only able to better reach the people but they can more specifically connect to people interested in their specific niche. Through the use of hashtags, sharing, mentions, and collaborative work, artists can find like-minded audiences all around the world.

    It’s not just the artists who benefit. Instagram gives regular people the opportunity to keep up with artists and view their latest work at the tip of their fingers. It’s easier than ever for people to appreciate, experience, and connect with art.

    Widespread Distribution

    The use of social media allows for widespread distribution without affecting or devaluing the art. Artists can share images of their art around the world without affecting the number of prints. That allows them to maximize promotion, even if selling limited edition art prints.

    Art Provocateur Gallery 6
    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    The artist is now able to share their art with anyone, anywhere in the world – all they need is an internet connection. This especially valuable for more niche genres, like erotic nude art.

    There are a lot of people around the world looking for erotic art prints, but the communities are small in many places. That can limit their access and exposure to the art they’re looking for. Through social media, erotic artists can reach their niche audience more effectively.

    Grow & Connect With Fanbase

    One of the great aspects of artists using social media is that it’s a two-way conversation. Artists have a direct line of conversation with their audience. They get the opportunity to find out what resonates with people, what they want more of, and what they’re hoping to see next.

    Art Provocateur Gallery 2
    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    Social Media can even help determine the best places for them to set up galleries by seeing where their audience is. Their audience can further help by sharing their posts, growing the artists’ reach and visibility.

    Another popular audience growth technique artists are using on social media is cross-promotion. Through collaboration, sharing, or mentioning each others’ work, artists share exposure with each others’ fanbases.


    Banning Accounts

    For many creatives, especially erotic artists, social media can be tumultuous due to seemingly arbitrary rules. Instagram is especially notorious for this. Artist will sometimes receive a ban as a result of the content of their art.

    The problem is, there’s no clear indication of what will cause a ban. Sometimes the platform deems nude art as perfectly fine, other times an artist receives a ban for art that is too suggestive (even without nudity). The rules guiding this are inconsistent, and artists are at the mercy of Instagram’s whims.

    Art.Provocateur Instagram
    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    This is more than just a concern for censorship. When an artist receives a ban there is often no warning, and they can lose their entire following. While they can set up a new account, they have all the hard work of rebuilding their following. All with the possibility of losing it all again.


    Another big challenge is that with social media being so accessible and providing so much opportunity is that there is a lot of competition. There’s a lot of noise out there, and the louder it gets, the harder it is to be heard.

    On social media, artists aren’t just competing with other artists, they compete with every other account. They need to be found in a sea of memes, celebrities, CrossFit videos, heavily-filtered food pictures and so on.

    Art Provocateur Gallery 1
    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    Having good content and regular posting isn’t enough. Artists need to devise and pursue follower strategies to grow their account. There are loads of strategies ranging from buying followers to bots that schedule mass following and commenting strategies. Artists have to test out different techniques to discover what works best for their specific audience.

    Limited Distribution Options

    When artists share their art through an online art gallery they can offer better distribution options. The gallery can offer superior print quality, framing, shipping options, and service. Many artists on social media are left to their own devices.

    This can mean they need to manage the printing, handling, shipping, and fulfillment themselves. A time-consuming process many artists find tedious and unfulfilling. Their alternative is often using web services that fulfill the printing and shipping for them. Unfortunately, many of these services result in lower profits for the artists and a lower quality product.

    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    Many social media platforms limit what the artist can share. While Instagram allows video and images alike, it only allows a couple of display formats for images. This may not align with the shape and style the artist would prefer their art shown as. Artists need to work within the parameters of the platform. They can also only leave one link that sits on their profile. So fans can’t buy individual art pieces by clicking on the image.

    Follow Art Provocateur Gallery On Instagram

    While there are some challenges in using social media platforms like Instagram, it’s hard to deny the overwhelmingly positive impact they’ve had on the art community. The juice is worth the squeeze for any artist looking to grow their audience or connect with their fanbase.

    Art Provocateur Gallery | @art.provocateur

    You can follow us on Instagram @art.provocateur for our erotic art gallery’s latest prints, photos, sculptures, and paintings. Artists looking to sell art online can submit for an assessment to see if your work is the right fit for our gallery.

    Where to Find Erotic Art

    Today, there is no shortage of ways to discover art. Galleries, shows, and social media provide easy access for long time collectors or first-time buyers. Erotic art, however, has remained more elusive. Art Provocateur Gallery is the premier online gallery for erotic art.

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    Capturing Sexuality With Burlesque Photography

    Burlesque photography is art intended to run against the grain of normal society. By design, this style is not for everyone, as it is often seen as shocking or offensive in the mainstream. But in the...

    Burlesque photography is art intended to run against the grain of normal society. By design, this style is not for everyone, as it is often seen as shocking or offensive in the mainstream. But in the world of erotic photography, burlesque is one of the most popular styles.

    Burlesque Art Prints
    Andrews Lucas | Catherine

    Burlesque itself dates back as far as the 17th century in Spain. However, modern burlesque photography prints usually portray themes and styles from Victorian London or New York in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Burlesque is best recognized for sexual themes and risqué comedy in a variety show format.

    The Rise, Fall, & Revival of Burlesque

    The early roots of burlesque focused on parody and satire. It began as a literary movement, mocking or ridiculing themes in literary works. Even the Bard himself, William Shakespeare is sometimes considered as a burlesque playwright.

    It was often sexual in nature and critiqued or parodied serious subjects or societal norms. Early burlesque relied on an intellectual and highly literate audience.

    Victorian Burlesque

    In the 1830s Victorian burlesque grew in popularity. The style had evolved into theatrical parody. Famous operas, plays, and ballets were recreated, with an absurdists view on their conventions, subjects.

    Travesty roles, where women in revealing tights play male characters, became a central theme. Music, sexuality, and garish dress became central themes in burlesque shows.

    Burlesque Photography
    Patrick Kaas | Red Room

    By the end of the 19th-century burlesque had fallen out of favour in London, replaced with Edwardian musical comedy. But the tradition lived on in America.

    New York Burlesque

    Burlesque was introduced to New York during the heyday of Victorian burlesque. The American style became more of a variety show. Burlesques would include, songs, sketch comedy, acrobats, magicians, and political or theatrical parody. The grand finale was a fight or exotic dance.

    At the same time Victorian burlesque was fading in London, American burlesque began to flourish in New York. The shows became more sexual in nature, slowly developing into striptease shows.

    The popularity began to fade during prohibition and later was stamped out as nudity became more commonplace in theatre and cinema.


    The 1990s resurrected burlesque performances. Although modern burlesque keeps up with some of the older themes and styles, the tone and purpose have changed. Where once the stripteases and dress were intended for sexual gratification of the audience, it is now used in the artist’s self-discovery and expression.

    Burlesque Photography
    Corrie Ancone | Luscious Scent 2010

    Burlesque Photography

    The focus on erotica and sexual gratification remain in the works of burlesque photographers. They produce tantalizing burlesque prints that capture sexual and social taboos over the past 200 years.

    The costume and dress of the subjects often date back to the Victorian era performances and harken to other elements of burlesque shows. Old-time aerialist, magician, and circus performer garb and activities are common.

    Burlesque Photo Print
    Stephen Perry | Masking The Mystery

    Some elements of neo-burlesque can play into this style of erotic photography. Boylesque, for instance, is relatively new. Boylesque is a role reversal where males are featured burlesques’ typical female roles. The men may be dressed in drag, or performing stripteases and erotic dances.

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