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    Sculptures vs Art Prints

    When decorating with sculptures vs art prints, there are many differences and similarities you will need to consider. But first, are you decorating the room around the art? Or are you decorating your room...

    When decorating with sculptures vs art prints, there are many differences and similarities you will need to consider. But first, are you decorating the room around the art? Or are you decorating your room with art?

    “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

    Marshall McLuhan’s words ring true in the art world as they do in popular media. Different types of artwork carry different messages, meanings and have a different impact on decor.

    Decorating With Sculptures

    A sculpture makes a statement. While you can buy paintings and sculptures in the same category, such as erotic art, having a sculpture says something different than art prints or paintings. As such, you need to approach decorating witch sculptures differently.

    A sculpture will often draw attention and be a focal point in a room, or at least in its area. It compels the viewer to examine and appreciate it from different angles. As such, it’s nice to have it mounted in such a way that it is visible from all, or multiple, sides.

    Sculpture Red Velvet Vulva 7320
    Artist: AMÍE N. MILTON

    A sculpture works in a different dimension and serves to bring a room to life. Whether free-standing, wall-mounted or sitting on a table or shelf, they bring a dynamic element to space.

    Often, people will use large sculptural art as the focal point in the room. However, any truly interesting sculpture will command attention no matter where you put it. They’re a great addition to any part of a room that could use some livening up.

    Decorating With Art Prints

    Photographs, paintings, and illustrations are just a few examples of popular art prints. Each has its own unique considerations for home decor, but they also follow some similar rules.

    Photographer: Roger Michel Fichmann

    Most prints are wall-mounted, but they can vary in display. Frames can be ornate, decorative, simple, or have no frame at all. Generally, an art print will work with the existing colors and themes found in the room.

    Similarities Between Decorating With Art Prints & Sculptures

    One of the biggest similarities between decorating with prints and sculptures is the need to tie them in with the design of the room. This can mean that you choose your art to either flow with the colors of the room or completely stand out. In a neutral-colored room, the artwork may be chosen to purposefully stand out, with bold colors and imagery.

    Sculpture Ruslana 7395

    Another similarity is to tie the artwork into the thematic design of the room through complementing or contrasting themes. A contrasting theme will make the art stand out, whereas a complementary theme will make the room fit together.

    Differences Between Decorating With Art Prints & Sculptures

    Before Investing in Art, understand the space where it will live. The differences in decorating with prints vs sculptures have to do with dimensions. Sculptures have 3 dimensions, where prints are comparatively flat. As a result, their placing needs to be considered differently.

    Free-standing or wall-mounted sculptures should be placed somewhere where they will not obstruct movement.

    Another consideration for sculptures is their materials. A white marble sculpture, for instance, may not look best if it will be placed on a white marble countertop. However, if placed in a room with marble columns or installments, it will fit in nicely.

    As well, if you have a statue, people will touch it. Make sure it is placed somewhere safe and stable. Among other forms of art, sculptures have the unique ability to be able to convey meaning through physical interaction.

    Above all, when you are investing in a piece of art, it should be something that draws you back to it.

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    An Interior Design Guide to Erotic Art

    Interior designers are no strangers to incorporating art into the design and atmosphere of a room. However, not everyone has experience in the current growing trend of decorating with erotic art. This is...

    Interior designers are no strangers to incorporating art into the design and atmosphere of a room. However, not everyone has experience in the current growing trend of decorating with erotic art. This is our interior design guide for decorating with nude and erotic art.

    Erotic Paintings
    Leonardi | Camille

    Decorating with nude art and erotica requires a careful touch. You need to incorporate all the usual elements of wall art, while also accounting for the desired mood, tone, and individual preferences of the homeowner.

    Matching the Artwork to the Homeowner

    The tastes of individuals vary widely with erotic art. As such, it’s important for interior designers to get a feel for their clients’ tastes when selecting artwork. You will want to discuss styles, artists, and particular interests.

    Some clients prefer photographic art, such as Arkadiy Kozlovski’s works focusing on the erotic female form. Others may prefer a more surreal style such as Alice Zilberberg’s erotic art prints.

    Another important interior design tip for erotic art is to find out your client’s interests. If your clients express a desire for certain types of fetish art, be sure to match their desired fetish and themes.

    interior design guide to erotic art

    Another question you will want to discuss is the exclusivity of the art. An art lover will often be willing to set their spend a little higher to purchase limited edition prints or original artwork. It can also give an idea of whether they want something more generic or truly unique.

    Choosing Art That Fits the Room

    As with all art, you need to make sure it fits the design of the rest of the room. There are a number of approaches that range from matching colors and shapes to using a piece that boldly stands out.

    When choosing art for a room, it really helps to understand color schemes. That way, you can effectively match the art to the colors. For example, a room with sharp lines and neutral colors is well-complemented by colorful wall art.

    As well, it is best to try and match the general theme of a room. For example,Wabi Sabi is a trend that has become popular in 2018. As a distinctly Japanese trend, it is often well complimented with Japanese themed pieces, such as Shinobi bondage photography.

    Choosing Art That Sets the Right Mood

    Art is an effective tool for setting the mood and tone of a room. With erotica art, you want to be sure to set the right mood.

    interior design guide to bdsm

    Often, more risque art such as BDSM photography is confined to the bedroom. In areas you typically share with guests, such as a living room, erotic feminine form art is a more easily accepted style. As well, vintage pin-up art prints can offer a classic yet intriguing air to any room.

    The bedroom is the most common location for erotic art. It can help to set a romantic tone for couples or liberalize lovemaking. If shopping for couples, consult our romantic art pieces for the bedroom article. It contains tips and benefits of erotic art for those sharing a living space.

    Purchasing Limited Edition & Original Erotic Art for Interior Design

    Erotic art is tantalizing and inviting, but the most desirable pieces are limited edition and original artwork. Browse our galleries for limited edition and one of a kind art from established and emerging erotic artists.

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    How To Decorate With Nude Art

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; especially if your goal is to decorate with nude art, and even more so in the case of...

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; especially if your goal is to decorate with nude art, and even more so in the case of choosing decor for an office or place of business. For those with a taste for provocative art, a unique decorating challenge presents itself in this endeavor. It is not an altogether different challenge than decorating with non-nude art, as many of the same “rules” apply in both cases. Therefore, those flirting with the idea of decorating with nude or provocative art have nothing to be concerned about; on the contrary, they should go with their instincts. Provocative art carries an intriguing allure that most people find irresistible. The mystery and uniqueness of such pieces display a boldness that captures interest. They can be very striking and either command attention or subtly invite it. Guests of a place of business or a home displaying sexy or nude art will notice, and impressions are made as a result. The question then is how to decorate with nude art in an elegant and appealing way.

    Water Walker by Craig Colvin

    Decorating with nude art is not entirely different than decorating with any other form of art. The goal and focus are to place pieces in an order of structure and color that is pleasing and inviting. When choosing to decorate with nude art pieces, one must keep in mind the color and tone they are seeking for their environment. Is color a factor when choosing, or is it practical to skip being concerned about wall color and choose black and white photography? The choice of color in a room, in any circumstance, is the main factor that determines an individual style and selection. It sets the tone of what people will experience when they spend any length of time there. Another factor to consider is the concept of feng shui, the ancient Chinese method of arranging the order in a space to create a positive flow of energy. Considering the scientific studies that back the concept of energy, the practice of feng shui is worth considering when decorating with nude art. Common “laws” of feng shui arrangement include utilizing uplifting forms of artwork, providing plenty of natural light, pairing together pieces appropriately (framed pieces side by side), accent lights, and avoiding any artwork that expresses estrangement or violence.

    Decorating with nude art can liberalize an environment for lovemaking.

    The decorating opportunities for nude art are broad, especially when appropriately applied in place of business or home. The bedroom, of course, is one of the best places to decorate with nude art or erotica, for obvious reasons. It can create a liberalizing environment for lovemaking, especially when the provocative art of sexy nudes are part of the décor. The combination of passionate colors (such as rich roses and warm chocolates) with provocative art, can promote a passionate, erotic playground. Likewise, the combination of nude art with muted tones such as pale violet, sea green, or sand can promote a peaceful and cool or warm space for lazy enjoyment.

    Bodyscape by Anton Belovodchenko

    Decorating other areas of a home can be a puzzling assignment, as the environment outside the bedroom is exposed to all guests and the intimacy level here is lowered. In these areas, it is important to choose pieces that promote the comfort, enjoyment, and even curiosity of guests. It is possible to decorate tastefully with provocative art, in a way that promotes conversation, camaraderie and entertains company. Subtlety can be powerful. A balanced blend of erotic art among other art styles and colors is conversational, pleasant, and sophisticated.

    This concept applies to places of business, as well. The question of the appropriateness of using provocative décor in a place of business may have some raising their eyebrows, but depending on the pieces displayed, decorating with nude art in a business setting (depending on the setting desired) can impact a business environment in positive ways, also. Of course, it depends on the business and which style or image that business would like to project.

    Untitled by Alina Lebedeva

    The pieces chosen are important factors when decorating with nude art. This pertains to artist, tone, and style. A piece created by a particular artist will say something about you, the owner, as an individual. So, examine the artist. Read their bio, and learn a little about them. The tone of a piece is also important. Don’t settle for less than what you want to portray. If you are trying to display passion, pay attention to the tone of the piece. A portrayal of naughtiness, innocence, or a simple but striking woman’s form will each speak in their own tones. The styling is also important. Be sure that the textures within the artwork with the textures within the room. Eclecticism does work, but be sure to fully understand eclecticism before attempting to put it into practice.

    Dara by Craig Morey

    Those venturing into the exciting world of collecting nude art will best be served to carefully choose pieces that speak to them in a unique way. Whether for personal enjoyment or displayed for all to see, a personal collection of provocative décor will engage guests and likely get tongues wagging.

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    Romantic Art Pieces For The Bedroom

    Whether rekindling a spark or stoking a still-burning fire, the spirit of romance is alive and well in erotica. Inviting erotic art pieces into the bedroom is one of the most effective and tasteful ways...

    Whether rekindling a spark or stoking a still-burning fire, the spirit of romance is alive and well in erotica. Inviting erotic art pieces into the bedroom is one of the most effective and tasteful ways to cultivate a romantic environment.

    There is a growing trend of art lovers featuring erotic romantic art paintings and pieces in the bedroom. It’s a trend that spreads widely from bachelors and bachelorettes to long-married couples.

    Nude art painting
    Blue Dream I by SB Lukacs

    In many ways, this trend is not new. The bedroom has long been the subject of romantic art and decor. Passionate colors like red and orange are common accents in the bedroom, candles are found on bedroom tables, and prints of romantic movie posters or album covers can often be on display. All of these are meant to develop an environment of erotic and romantic arousal.

    Today, however, there is a greater shift towards sexual art paintings, photographs, and prints for this purpose. Although erotic art is still taboo in many circles, it holds a tantalizing appeal in the romantic arena.

    Edward Weston 1925 Photograph
    Edward Weston 1925 Photograph

    On April 8, 2008, Edward Weston’s 1925 photograph sold for $1.6 million USD at Sotheby’s setting a new record for the artist (Sotheby’s). Nude and erotic art carries value in the bedroom and when investing in art.

    The Benefits of Romantic Art in the Bedroom

    Couples and singles alike are discovering the benefits of charging their bedroom with romantic erotica.

    Romances among couples can benefit from decorating the bedroom with erotic art. It is an intimate art form in a room that belongs just to the couple. Many of the other rooms in the house are shared with guests and/or other family members. he bedroom is the couple’s romantic sanctuary.

    Adding tasteful erotic art liberalizes lovemaking and creates a personal, loving environment. It is not merely having the art that can benefit couples but shopping for romantic art together.

    erotic art for the bedroom
    Roundism – 12-06-18 by CORNÉ AKKERS

    Choosing pieces together ensures you pick things that will romantically inspire both of you for years to come. The act can bring you closer together and can be romantically awakening as well. It’s a way to explore each others’ fantasies and interests.

    Singles benefit from decorating the bedroom with romantic art as well. A tasteful erotic painting is an artistic and inviting way to express sexuality. It can inspire a romantic mood with new partners and encourage sexual liberation.

    Choosing Romantic Art for the Bedroom

    The goal of selecting romantic bedroom art is to find an elegant and appealing way to decorate with nude art. It may feature nude or sexually suggestive art that composes or enhances a romantic atmosphere.

    Romantic Art Bedroom
    Repiashenko | Adventure

    Romantic art is arousing, intimate, and personal. In choosing romantic art for the bedroom, it’s important to consider your tastes and interests. What is it you want to express or evoke? Different pieces may suggest naughty play, evoke passion or display specific fetish themes. The important thing is to find a piece that has a meaning or stirring specific to your desires.

    You may want to look deeper beyond the aesthetics, researching the meaning behind the romantic art pieces and the artists who create them.

    Israni | Inner Outer ii

    In addition to the meaning and appeal of the piece itself, consider the room it is being placed in. Decorating the bedroom for romance is a balance between the overall aesthetics of the room and creating an erotic, passionate space.

    Turn your bedroom into your romantic and sexual haven with our gallery of provocative art. Discover the latest in romantic art from the world’s best upcoming and established erotic artists.

    Romantic Art Bedroom
    Ernst | Cross

    Explore the Art Provocateur Gallery to shop the most enticing modern and vintage pin-up art for sale. Discover art prints ranging from erotic and nude photography to pin-up paintings. Start building your collection today and learn the tantalizing thrills of decorating with nude art.