• Erotic Paintings

    An Interior Design Guide to Erotic Art

    Interior designers are no strangers to incorporating art into the design and atmosphere of a room. However, not everyone has experience in the current growing trend of decorating with erotic...

    Interior designers are no strangers to incorporating art into the design and atmosphere of a room. However, not everyone has experience in the current growing trend of decorating with erotic art.

    Decorating with nude art and erotica requires a careful touch. You need to incorporate all the usual elements of wall art, while also accounting for the desired mood, tone and individual preferences of the homeowner.

    This guide offers interior design tips for erotic art prints.

    Erotic Paintings
    Leonardi | Camille

    Matching the Artwork to the Homeowner  

    The tastes of individuals vary widely with erotic art. As such, it’s important for interior designers to get a feel for their clients’ tastes when selecting artwork. You will want to discuss styles, artists, and particular interests.

    Some clients prefer photographic art, such as Arkadiy Kozlovski’s works focusing on the erotic female form. Others may prefer a more surreal style such as Alice Zilberberg’s erotic art prints.

    Another important interior design tip for erotic art is to find out your client’s interests. If your clients express a desire for certain types of fetish art, be sure to match their desired fetish and themes.

    Another question you will want to discuss is the exclusivity of the art. An art lover will often be willing to set their spend a little higher to purchase limited edition prints or original artwork. It can also give an idea of whether they want something more generic or truly unique.

    Erotic Photography
    Ben Ernst | Boulevard of Decadence

    Choosing Art That Fits the Room

    As with all art, you need to make sure it fits the design of the rest of the room. There are a number of approaches that range from matching colours and shapes to using a piece that boldly stands out.

    When choosing art for a room, it really helps to understand colour schemes. That way, you can effectively match the art to the colours. For example, a room with sharp lines and neutral colours is well-complemented by colourful wall art.

    As well, it is best to try and match the general theme of a room. For example, Wabi Sabi is a trend that has become popular in 2018. As a distinctly Japanese trend, it is often well complimented with Japanese themed pieces, such as Shinobi bondage photography.

    Illustrated Boudoir Art
    Oleg Kaznacheiev | Eye

    Choosing Art That Sets the Right Mood

    Art is an effective tool for setting the mood and tone of a room. With erotica art, you want to be sure to set the right mood.

    Often, more risque art such as BDSM photography is confined to the bedroom. In areas you typically share with guests, such as a living room, erotic feminine form art is a more easily accepted style. As well, vintage pin-up art prints can offer a classic yet intriguing air to any room.

    The bedroom is the most common location for erotic art. It can help to set a romantic tone for couples or liberalize lovemaking. If shopping for couples, consult our romantic art pieces for the bedroom article. It contains tips and benefits of erotic art for those sharing a living space.

    Purchasing Limited Edition & Original Erotic Art for Interior Design

    Erotic art is tantalizing and inviting, but the most desirable pieces are limited edition and original artwork. Browse our galleries for limited edition and one of a kind art from established and emerging erotic artists.

  • Decorating with Nude Art

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; even more so in the case of choosing decoration for an office or place of business....

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; even more so in the case of choosing decoration for an office or place of business. For those with a taste for provocative art, a unique decorating challenge presents itself in this endeavor. It is not an altogether different challenge than decorating with non-nude art, as many of the same “rules” apply in both cases. Therefore, those flirting with the idea of decorating with nude or provocative art have nothing to be concerned about; on the contrary, they should go with their instincts. Provocative art carries an intriguing allure that most people find irresistible. The mystery and uniqueness of such pieces display a boldness that captures interest. They can be very striking and either command attention or subtly invite it. Guests of a place of business or a home displaying sexy or nude art will notice, and impressions are made as a result. The question then is how to decorate with nude art in an elegant and appealing way.


    Arkadiy Kozlovskiy | Nude Girls and python

    Decorating with nude art is not entirely different than decorating with any other form of art. The goal and focus is to place pieces in an order of structure and color that is pleasing and inviting. When choosing nude art pieces, one must keep in mind the color and tone they are seeking for their environment. Is color a factor when choosing, or is it practical to skip being concerned about wall color and choose black and white photography? Choice of color in a room, in any circumstance, is a main factor that determines an individual style and selection. It sets the tone of what people will experience when they spend any length of time there. Another factor to consider is the concept of feng shui, the ancient Chinese method of arranging order in a space to create a positive flow of energy. Considering the scientific studies that back the concept of energy, the practice of feng shui is worth considering when decorating with nude art. Common “laws” of feng shui arrangement include utilizing uplifting forms of artwork, providing plenty of natural light, pairing together pieces appropriately (framed pieces side by side), accent lights, and avoiding any artwork that expresses estrangement or violence.

    Decorating with nude art can liberalize an environment for lovemaking.

    The decorating opportunities for nude art are broad, especially when appropriately applied in place of business or a home. The bedroom, of course, is one of the best places to decorate with nude art or erotica, for obvious reasons. It can create a liberalizing environment for lovemaking, especially when the provocative art of sexy nudes are part of the décor. The combination of passionate colors (such as rich roses and warm chocolates) with provocative art, can promote a passionate, erotic playground. Likewise, the combination of nude art with muted tones such as pale violet, sea green, or sand can promote a peaceful and cool or warm space for lazy enjoyment.

    Arkadiy Kozlovskiy | Boat

    Decorating other areas of a home can be a puzzling assignment, as the environment outside the bedroom is exposed to all guests and the intimacy level here is lowered. In these areas, it is important to choose pieces that promote the comfort, enjoyment, and even curiosity of guests. It is possible to decorate tastefully with provocative art, in a way that promotes conversation, camaraderie, and entertains company. Subtlety can be powerful. A balanced blend of erotic art among other art styles and colors is conversational, pleasant, and sophisticated.

    This concept applies for places of business, as well. The question of the appropriateness of using provocative décor in a place of business may have some raising their eyebrows, but depending on the pieces displayed, nude art in a business setting (depending on the setting desired) can impact a business environment in positive ways, also. Of course, it depends on the business and which style or image that business would like to project.

    decorating with nude model Chucha photographed by Arkadiy Kozlovskiy
    Arkadiy Kozlovskiy | Chucha

    The pieces chosen are important factors when decorating with nude art. This pertains to artist, tone, and style. A piece created by a particular artist will say something about you, the owner, as an individual. So, examine the artist. Read their bio, and learn a little about them. The tone of a piece is also important. Don’t settle for less than what you want to portray. If you are trying to display passion, pay attention to the tone of the piece. A portrayal of naughtiness, innocence, or a simple but striking woman’s form will each speak in their own tones. The styling is also important. Be sure that the textures within the art work with the textures within the room. Eclecticism does work, but be sure to fully understand eclecticism before attempting to put it into practice.

    Those venturing into the exciting world of collecting nude art will best be served to carefully choose pieces that speak to them in a unique way. Whether for personal enjoyment or displayed for all to see, a personal collection of provocative décor will engage guests and likely get tongues wagging.

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