Prints vs. Sculptures: How to Decorate With Different Art Mediums

“The medium is the message.” - Marshall McLuhan Marshall McLuhan’s words ring true in the art world as they do in popular media. Different types of artwork carry different messages, meanings and...

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan’s words ring true in the art world as they do in popular media. Different types of artwork carry different messages, meanings and have a different impact on decor.

Today, we take a look at the differences and similarities in decorating with sculptures and prints.

Sculptural Photography
Niel Galen | She Sits As Still As Stone

Decorating With Sculptures

A sculpture makes a statement. While you can buy paintings and sculptures in the same category, such as erotic art, having a sculpture says something different than a print. As such, you need to approach decorating witch sculptures differently.

A sculpture will often draw attention and be a focal point in a room, or at least in its area. It compels the viewer to examine and appreciate it from different angles. As such, it’s nice to have it mounted in such a way that it is visible from all, or multiple, sides.

Studio Light Erotic Photography
Ben Ernst | Eva

A sculpture works in a different dimension and serves to bring a room to life. Whether free-standing, wall-mounted or sitting on a table or shelf, they bring a dynamic element to a space.

Often, people will use large sculptural art as the focal point in the room. However, any truly interesting sculpture will command attention no matter where you put it. They’re a great addition to any part of a room that could use some livening up.

Erotic Sculpture
The Beauty Of Stone | Reclining

Decorating With Art Prints

Photographs, paintings, and illustrations are just a few examples of popular art prints. Each has their own unique considerations for home decor, but they also follow some similar rules.

Erotic Digital Art
Alice Zilberberg | Dream On A Window Sill

Most prints are wall mounted, but they can vary in display. Frames can be ornate, decorative, simple, or have no frame at all. Generally, a print will work with the existing colours and themes found in the room.

One of a Kind Paintings
Zakir Ahmedov | In Bed

Similarities Between Decorating With Prints & Sculptures

One of the biggest similarities between decorating with prints and sculptures is the need to tie them in with the design of the room. This can mean choosing a piece that matches the natural colour scheme of the room. In a neutral coloured room, the artwork may be chosen to purposefully stand out, with bold colours and imagery.

Another similarity is to tie the artwork into the thematic design of the room through complementing or contrasting themes. A contrasting theme will make the art stand out, whereas a complementary theme will make the room fit together.

Sculptural Photography Print
Craig Colvin | Domino

Differences Between Decorating With Prints & Sculptures

One of the big differences in decorating with prints and sculptures has to do with dimensions. Sculptures have 3 dimensions, where prints are comparatively flat. As a result, their placing needs to be considered differently.

Free-standing or wall-mounted sculptures should be placed somewhere where they will not obstruct movement.

Another consideration for sculptures is their materials. A white marble sculpture, for instance, may not look best if it will be placed on a white marble countertop. However, if placed in a room with marble columns or installments, it will fit in nicely.

As well, if you have a statue, people will touch it. Make sure it is placed somewhere safe and stable. Statues have the unique ability among artwork of being able to convey meaning through physical interaction.

Sculptural Photo Prints
Niel Galen | Entropy No-2

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