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    When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other...

    When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other non-medical areas. 

    All in all, while most men want to be great at sex, they lack the basic understanding of what helps the body execute its fantasies. So, what is the solution?

    Nude and erotic art can be a powerful tool for expressing and exploring sexuality, and incorporating sex training can deepen the understanding and representation of sexual themes in artistic works. From erotic paintings to sensual sculptures, artists have long used their craft to portray the beauty and complexity of human sexuality. By incorporating sex training, artists can better understand the nuances of sexual expression and create more nuanced and authentic representations of sexuality in their work. Moreover, exploring sexuality through art can be a powerful means of personal growth and self-discovery, as well as a way to challenge cultural taboos and stereotypes surrounding sex.

    So in today’s article, we will go through various ways to train your body and mind to be better at and enjoy sex as an intimate form of bonding with your lover. Let us begin!

    What Makes Sex Better?

    Training to be a better sexual person and partner is all about seeing into yourself and discovering what you are capable of. So the following are some tips that can improve your sex life and make you feel healthier.

    1. Work Out Daily

    Exercising every day helps to improve your sex life. According to Matthew N. Simmons, MD, Ph.D. from the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland, exercising as little as 15 minutes daily can boost your physical progress and sexual prowess. 

    And there is scientific backing to this claim. Exercising helps to energize your body, which boosts your libido. Moreover, working out also helps to encourage a positive body image, which makes you more confident while hooking up. 

    2. Communicate Your Sexual Needs

    Let’s talk about sex. Many, to this day, are shy about expressing their sexual needs to the person they love. But it’s crucial to communicate how you want your intimate moments to be, to make them carnal passionate, and all about your raw desires for each other. 

    Talking about sex improves the sexual bond you two share. It helps both of you to try out things that each other craves while fooling around with each other. Moreover, it solves the question, “What makes you feel good in bed?”

    When you both know each other’s kinks, fetishes, turn-ons, and turn-offs, sex feels more intoxicating and fired up. 

    3. Do Chores, Together

    This might sound lame, but these little things can turn the heat up between you two. Go grocery shopping, cook and shower together, and do various things in pairs.

    Soon, you will find yourself looking at how she moves and her allure in everything she does. This increases the infatuation with her, making you fantasize about sexy things you wish to do with her. 

    In a way, you are letting your imagination run wild by being around her more. And you are doing the same thing to her. Certain chores together can raise sexual tension, making you both want to leave your tasks and entangle in each other’s arms. 

    4. Take the Foreplay Out of Your Bedrooms

    Having sex everywhere inside your home is a great way to tackle sexual performance anxiety. If you feel the bedroom is limiting to your talents, ask her if she is comfortable taking it to another part of the home. 

    The bathroom, the kitchen, and the living rooms are unconventional parts of the home for a full-blown lovemaking session. Soon you will find yourself performing to your heart’s content, making her arch her back and moan out your name. 

    Removing insecure factors from your environment can improve your sex drive and confidence by two folds. So if you feel you cannot make her squirt in bed, go down on her while she bakes a cake or tries to, at least, without losing her mind to your sensual pleasures. 

    5. Opt to Join Sexual Masterclasses

    Since most men need an extra hand knowing about sex, there are professional masterclasses that can help you learn all about pleasing your lady. 

    There is a lot to learn about sex, such as:

    • Sex positions
    • Penis sizes
    • Sex-related diseases
    • Tips for foreplay and more

    And when you have a skillful coach guiding you towards being the best at all the platforms, your lady will swoon at the very sight of you. Sex masterclasses can re-ignite bland relationships and make couples feel powerfully confident in their skills. 

    This training will make you feel that you have control over how well your kinky sessions will go. So try one today!


    Sex training is not always about learning new positions but about learning to love yourself and your actions in bed. When you learn how to please a woman while pleasing yourself, you have achieved the true art of being a passionate man for your lady.


    Artwork by Sneganam

  • woman with BDSM hand cuffs

    How to Bring BDSM into the Bedroom

    Nonsense: The negative perception of BDSM in the bedroom Don’t let the acronym intimidate you. BDSM, widely stigmatized in films, books, media, and pornography, often portrayed as abusive and inflicted...

    Nonsense: The negative perception of BDSM in the bedroom

    Don’t let the acronym intimidate you. BDSM, widely stigmatized in films, books, media, and pornography, often portrayed as abusive and inflicted on unwilling participants, is not the sort of kinky practice that violently endangers individuals when practiced within a caring relationship and attentively enjoyed. The acronym BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. These terms definitely raise the eyebrows of many, however, in practice, these terms are often very different than how they are perceived. The practice of tying up a partner in any way is an act of bondage; the act of following directions is an act of discipline. Being swatted with a crop (or anything) lightly on the ass (or anywhere else, for that matter) can also be considered an act of sadism and masochism.

    interior design guide to bdsm
    Valeriy by Naked P’NK

    In the mainstream media, terms like these are often interpreted in the harshest possible form and, for the uneducated, do not normally elicit images of lightly slapping crops on a moaning woman’s (or man’s) skin, or tying a partner up with silk stockings. The terms for BDSM practices vary and are utilized in different ways. As in the “vanilla” world, every relationship is different: Those practicing BDSM have their own unique desires and relationship styles. One thing is absolutely essential for a couple to have a successful and pleasurable BDSM experience with one another: Absolute mutual consent and desire for the experience.

    BDSM terminology: What does BDSM really mean?

    An overview of BDSM terminology includes D/s, for dominance and submission, B&D, for bondage and discipline, and S&M for sadomasochism. The small “s” in D/s is usually intended to symbolize the desire of the submissive to submit, allowing themselves to be perceived as “smaller” than their dominant partner. Among safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practitioners, it is widely understood that there is no one “right” way to practice BDSM. While some circles of the BDSM community may practice similar rules and styles, there are plenty of partners who do not get involved in their local BDSM community or dungeon and prefer to keep their practice and relationships private.

    No Title No42 by Sukida

    Interested in trying BDSM?

    It can be a nerve-wracking business for those interested in trying any BDSM practice to introduce it to their partner, for fear of being perceived in a negative way or as a deviant. This is a valid concern considering how BDSM is typically perceived by the public in general. A common suggestion among experienced practitioners is to not approach a partner with terms like the above, but instead to make gradual and comfortable introductions to build on. Communication and openness is also crucial. For example, one interested in experiencing nipple clamps could begin with asking their partner for light pinching with the fingers, and over a series of encounters, request a gradual increase in pressure, all the while being open and attentive to their partners comfort level with the activity. Those interested in trying erotic spanking with their partner should begin with an open, honest, and kind approach, expressing interest and sweetly asking permission in a passionate moment to try a few swats lightly. Warming up the gluteal area with light spanking can be exciting and arousing for both involved. Light play can graduate into more intense practices, like crops, caning, or whips, depending on your curiosity level.

    BDSM art
    No Title No14 by Sukida

    Safe, sane, and consensual BDSM

    Whips may sound extreme to some, but there are plenty of practitioners who enjoy the eroticism of receiving sensual and erotic stimulation from the sting of a whip. As with any tool, however, it is absolutely essential to understand how to use it before unleashing gleeful strokes on an eager partner and severely harming them. While there is a danger of physically harming someone, there is equal opportunity for emotional harm. One partner may thoroughly enjoy dirty talk that others may perceive as degrading (terms like whore, slut, etc.). Another partner may strongly desire what is called “aftercare” immediately following a “scene” or experience, and if that tenderness and attentiveness are not provided, there can be emotional ramifications and wounds. The key to understanding what any partner wants or is comfortable within any relationship, BDSM practice or no, all lie within the same word: communication. It is entirely possible to have a passionate, fun, and erotic experience within a relationship, however, if needs, dislikes, and desires are not crisply and clearly expressed before any activities take place of the BDSM nature, it can be like playing a game of relationship roulette.

    No Title no18 by Sukida

    For further information on how to safely practice BDSM activities, have a look at SM101 by Jay Wiseman, and/or get in touch with your local BDSM community to seek out advice from experienced and trustworthy practitioners. Your local community is usually easily found online and located within your nearest prominent city.


  • Fetishes: leather straps and belts

    Fetishes | Intrigue and Sex

    There is a daring allure in the word “ fetishes.” Closets filled with shoes, or men obsessed with women’s feet are common representations. The dictionary definition of the word tends to portray it...

    There is a daring allure in the word “ fetishes.” Closets filled with shoes, or men obsessed with women’s feet are common representations. The dictionary definition of the word tends to portray it as a negative concept. “Abnormal” is a word used to define fetish, and oftentimes latex clothing comes to mind for many at the mention of it as well. The “true” definition of a fetish is one’s inability to experience sexual gratification without the presence of an object they find particularly critical to their sexual experience. In fact, the word comes from the French term fetiche, meaning “to make,” and was originally used to describe an object with supernatural power. However, in today’s society, the term fetish is used far more generally and covers a broad range of interests and desires.

    The idea that “true” fetishes are actually psychologically abnormal is derived from the medical definition of a fetish: When an individual must experience sexual pleasure only through the presence of a particular thing, inanimate or otherwise, this can interfere with relationships or disturb day-to-day function. While that may be, the broader and more general use of the term to describe an interest, in particular, sexual activities is the more common use.

    Fetishes: leather straps on nude female body
    Fetish Leather Straps

    The psychology behind them is as complex as the psychology behind any individual’s sexual interests. Human beings are unique individuals. What causes one person to prefer potatoes and another to despise Swiss cheese? One could endlessly discuss the possibilities and probabilities. Jane may enjoy being tied up while Lisa enjoys foreplay involving nipple clamps. Neither of them necessarily require those things to experience sexual gratification, but they enjoy engaging in the activities, nonetheless.

    Fetishes are often experienced through depersonalization.

    Fetishism is often experienced through depersonalization with latex bodysuits, corsetry, the simplicity of preferring a particular position during sex, blindfolds, whips, crops, paddles, being tied up or tying up someone else, reverence or “worship” of a specific area of the body, and countless others. If one can dream it, someone somewhere likely has a fetish for it. It is interesting that many men of the Victorian era are said to have developed foot fetishes as a result of the strict head-to-toe attire of women at the time. This very claim asserts that a concept can become sexualized all the more if it is kept away or hidden from view like a secret. This lends an intriguing psychological perspective on all fetishes and the endless possibilities of their origins.

    Many with fetishes either do not know or do not care about where their particular interests originated for them. Perhaps an awkward introduction to a crop against their skin prompted an eventual desire for the sting of a whip or flogger. Childhood games may have been the catalyst for an adult with a rope fetish. Many consider their sexual activities to be a “journey,” traveling toward a sort of enlightenment and further knowledge about themselves. Whatever the perspective, fetishism is arguably widely misunderstood.

    Fetishes: Rope Bondage
    Rope Bondage

    As in the case of an individual who wishes to submit and be dominated but does not wish to sexually interact with anyone: Someone who wishes to be of service or submit in other ways. It has been stated by psychologists that sexuality and sexual activity are at least ninety percent mental, therefore, the objective of a submissive person could be to fulfill a sexual need that is mental but doesn’t necessarily need to be physical.

    The physicality of fetishism is often communicated in a social way at adult events like “fetish balls” and BDSM clubs. These events are quite popular among many fetishists. If ever planning to attend one, go with a companion, as putting safety first is always wise. Events like these often include “play” areas, where those interested in exploring their own fetishes can experience them in a theoretically safe and enjoyable environment. As a rule, sex doesn’t usually take place at these events because the focus is on the fetishes themselves and not sexual intercourse.

    Exploring the unknown can be intimidating, but getting to know one’s own sexual interests/fetishes can be empowering, uplifting, and exciting. In a light-hearted, safe, and enjoyable environment, exploring one’s own fetishes need not carry a stigma of shame.

  • Dr Laura Henkel, Sexologist

    Sexologist Laura Henkel Interview

    So, you know about sex? And indeed, she does. Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art. Laura’s curated exhibitions, performances, film premieres, and artists’ talks, have been...

    So, you know about sex?

    And indeed, she does. Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art. Laura’s curated exhibitions, performances, film premieres, and artists’ talks, have been instrumental in bringing erotica into the public sphere in a thoughtful, visually fascinating and provocative way. She’s got the smarts, charm, confidence and beauty to enthrall.

    Dr Laura Henkel

    In addition to these platforms, Laura is the founder of the groundbreaking gallery in Sin City Gallery, the site of over 100 exhibits, including an amazing Bunny Yeager exhibit as well as the contemporary artwork of Jeff Wack.

    Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art.

    The captivatingly smart and beautiful Laura is also the brain behind the well-known 12 Inches of Sin, Juried Exhibition of International Erotic Contemporary Art, now in its fifth year. This year saw the publication of a series of four books, one for every year of the exhibition, delightfully illustrated with artist’s statements, critical essays and forewords by people in the field: artists, performers, critics, curators and collectors.

    “A Boy and His Monsters” | 12 Inches of Sin show

    As Laura puts it, there is so much art they can barely fit it in. Only a Texan with this much charm can enchant so many people into releasing their inhibitions about erotic and provocative art.

    The Interview.

    APG: So Laura, have you always been so “sex positive?”

    Laura: My ‘sex positive’ nature stems from my upbringing. No subject was taboo and my parents taught me to respect diversity.

    APG: Interesting. Do you think it’s intimidating to be in a relationship with a sexologist or just totally fun?

    Laura: A little of both.

    APG: Tell me about your favorite artistic expressions of sexuality –contemporary, modern, historic?

    Laura: My favorite historic-artistic expression is sculpture and primarily marble. Michelangelo’s ‘The Slaves’ is absolutely exquisite. There are so many other art forms that I enjoy: performance, video, photography, paintings. I like art that is intellectual. To me, that is sexy.

    “Dying Slave” | Michelangelo Buonarotti

    APG: Tell me more about your background please?

    Laura: My undergraduate studies focused on transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of humanity’s highest potential, and with the recognition, understanding, and realization of unifying, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness. When I decided to attend graduate school, I knew I wanted to continue those studies by specializing in human sexuality. For me, human sexuality embodies body, mind and spirit, as a whole in its truest form.

    APG: This is such a complex concept, and yet you make it clear with such ease. So okay, can you explain what a sexologist is?

    Laura: Sexology is the scientific study of sexuality. A sexologist is someone who has studied all areas of sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, the dynamics of sexual relationships, as well as the mechanics of sexual contact/acts. A sexologist looks to other disciplines to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how sex works in the context of social, cultural and religious environments.

    APG: What’s the craziest “sex-focused artwork” or “sex-focused artistic performance” you’ve organized?

    Laura: Hmmm, craziest. I think that may be a moving target as to what may be considered reasonable. I do think ‘The Operation’ by Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander is one of the greatest artistic films ever made.

    “The Operation” [1995] | Pander & Lucas
    APG: People often seek tips, ideas, or sexy things like erotica to stimulate a relationship; do you have any standard advice for spicing things up?

    Laura: As long as it is responsible, respectful and consensual… anything goes.

    APG: I like this advice. So…Seduction: what is it?

    Laura: Seduction is an art form in its own right. It is enticing. It is desirable. It is alluring.

    APG: On the other side of the spectrum… You were once quoted saying that you have watched over 300 hours of porn. Was this part of your studies? Did this expand your knowledge of human sexuality and make you more open, or can this desensitize a person?

    Laura: This was required curriculum for my graduate studies. The objective was to discover what my own judgments might be and the feelings associated to particular subject matters in order that I would not project or transfer my position onto someone else. The experience definitely made me think more openly and be clear about my own personal likes and dislikes.

    Portrait of Sappho by unknown artist in Campania, Italy C First century
    Portrait of Sappho by unknown artist in Campania, Italy C First century

    APG: Fascinating! Are there particular types of people that seem universally appealing? Are they scientific or cultural reasons?

    Laura: Sappho, from the Greek Island of Lesbos, was an intellectual poet who wrote many love poems to other women in 600 B.C. There has always been a fascination and fantasy in this context.

    APG: People were excited about the work by Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama. It will only be the second exhibit of the artist’s work in the United States, so this is quite notable. I love his imaginative, humorous, and sexy work.

    Laura: Yes we are so delighted to organize Hajime Sorayama’s show. Of course, I am a fan of the work; he is a true artist with an amazing imagination.

    art print by hajime sorayama
    Hajime Sorayama | Art Print

    APG: I noticed that many women sexologists are also activists in some capacity, are you?

    Laura: I believe that arts and culture are essential to creating an even greater community, and improving the quality of life of its citizens. Art challenges boundaries, fascinates, arouses and captivates by affording a peek into ourselves and others in its truest form.

    APG: Thank you Laura, this has been really intriguing!

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  • sexy pin-up art dita von teese

    Bondage and the Art of Sex

    Sexual restraint is an activity not limited to the modern age. Also known as bondage, this erotic and sensual art is performed by more people worldwide than most would presume. Bondage, in...

    Sexual restraint is an activity not limited to the modern age. Also known as bondage, this erotic and sensual art is performed by more people worldwide than most would presume. Bondage, in the BDSM subculture, is the practice of consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic stimulation. Often viewed as taboo or a form of deviant kink, discussing tying up one’s partner during a sexual or sensual act the night before is hardly a common dinner conversation. Nonetheless, the passion and levels of sexual pleasure that can be achieved by participants of erotic and sexual restraint activities can be high.

    Binding someone for the first time may open the door to years, even a lifetime, of enjoying erotic bondage.

    Jay Wiseman, author of SM 101, a sort of guide book to all things bondage, writes, “Binding someone for the first time is a special moment. This is particularly true if they have never before been bound in an erotic context. (Most people played “cowboys and Indians” games during childhood.) A wise dominant recognizes this opportunity. They ‘imprint’ their play partner in a positive way. This may open the door to years, even a lifetime, of enjoying erotic bondage.”

    Dita Von Teese BDSM 5041
    Photographer: Craig Morey

    Sexual and erotic restraint isn’t a new concept, clearly. The artistic portrayals of subjects restrained in a sexual way can be capable of evoking curious emotions, even for those who may have never experienced or pursued sexual restraint as an activity. Historical art pieces such as the marble relief by Erastus Dow Palmer (1863) represent a sort of sensual restraint. Today, even famous models like Betty Page and Dita Von Teese have explored posing nude for bondage fine art photography.

    The modern novel 50 Shades of Grey, particularly, has shone a fresh light on the art of restraint for many people. The passionate relationship dynamic between the two main characters, which includes aspects of sexual restraint, sparked a bit of a phenomenon worldwide. Many were introduced to a more romantic and relational concept of restraint. Apparently, 50 Shades of Grey makes the art of restraint more appealing to many readers (and non-readers) as a form of passionate lovemaking as opposed to the brutal and taboo concept of bondage that so many in society have come to shun.

    Photographer: Sukida

    Regardless of 50 Shades of Grey popularity, however, the question often on many non-restraint-practitioners minds is, “Why?” Why is restraint practiced by so many during sex, and what are the reactions, emotions, and sensations that make it so popular with those who practice it? The emotions and sensations experienced by the person being restrained as well as the person performing the restraining can vary widely. Each experience is unique. That being said, when asking a person who enjoys being restrained what it is that they enjoy about it, they may respond that being bound can feel “safe” and “helpless” simultaneously. These feelings are usually experienced by someone playing a submissive role in the activity, and though everyone is an individual with their own desires and reasons, being bound can cause a submissive to experience a high with their partner that can bring them to sensual and sexual heights of ecstatic proportions.

    bondage bdsm 6239
    Photographer: Perry Gallagher

    Likewise, the dominant partner who performs the restraint, be it with rope, handcuffs, tape, or their own body can experience a sense of ecstasy and a rush that results from the sexual and erotic power they experience as they restrain their partner. Often, the partner performing the restraint is seeking the trust and obedience of whom they are restraining, and the result can be an overwhelming sense of emotional and sexual connection. The sensation the restrained partner may experience as a result of struggling against their restraints can be exhilarating as well.

    art of bondage

    Whether a novice practitioner or an expert, there are several types of restraining mediums available. Scarves or cotton rope can be very erotic tools to use, as they are both comfortable, soft, and sensual against the skin. Not everyone enjoys the same sensations, however, and handcuffs may be the choice for someone who enjoys the sensation of hard, cold metal around their wrists (or ankles, for that matter). Shackles, though slightly bulky, can be a very hot experience for someone seeking that completely “helpless” sensation. Tape can be a devilish tool for those with erotic fantasies of being kidnapped or the enjoyment of the sensation it brings to the skin as it is ripped away. When used with care and caution, it can make a naughty and erotic addition to a bondage tool kit.

    Photographer: Sukida

    Erotic art depicting bondage can be tempting to realize for ourselves, and it’s no wonder. The level of sexual heat to be experienced when restraining or being restrained during sexual encounters is an experience not forgotten. Bondage, when done well, can bring the body, spirit, and partners to a place of emotional vulnerability and sexuality never expected.

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