• Rococo | History of Erotic Art

    Rococo – as specific and attractive as its name, is a combination of art, politics, thirst for passion and lust. Every of the above-mentioned keywords define the 18th-century movement in art. Rococo,...

    Rococo – as specific and attractive as its name, is a combination of art, politics, thirst for passion and lust. Every of the above-mentioned keywords define the 18th-century movement in art. Rococo, from the French word rocaille, meaning “shell and rock garden ornamentation,” also known as “Late Baroque,” is a reaction to the Baroque itself. What preceded the Rococo style, in the eyes of the artists, was seen as death to the freedom of expression and the source of all artistic limitations. Louis XIV’s longing to emphasize his dominance and the eminence of France has been shown through the grand and formal artworks of the seventeenth-century French art. Baroque was the “slave” of this “glorifying power and politics” art, used to express the King’s pompousness.

    Rococo painting by Francois Boucher | Heracles and Omphale (1735)
    Francois Boucher | Heracles and Omphale (1735)

    In 1715 the French people welcomed their new king; Louis XV, a kid just five years of age succeeded his granddad Louis XIV, the Sun King, who had made France the superior force in Europe. His ravenousness for magnificence and vivaciousness was immense, so he put aside the devotion at Versailles and the strict art upheld and earlier used by Louis XIV to express the King’s power. France moved in the opposite direction of supreme desires, to concentrate on more individual and pleasurable interests. As political life and private ethics loosened, the change was reflected by another style in craftsmanship, one that was personal, brightening, and frequently erotic. The Rococo style was born. Starting with the decorative arts, Rococo emphasized pale and subtle colors, curves, and patterns mostly covered with motifs of flowers, vines, and shells. Painters turned from grandiosity to the exotic surface pleasures of shading and light, and from profound religious and historical subjects—however, these were never disregarded totally—to more personal legendary scenes, perspectives of everyday life, and picture.

    Rococo painting by Antoine Watteau | Le Faux Pas (1717)
    Antoine Watteau | Le Faux Pas (1717)

    The one, in which artists went farthest in the Rococo era, was the liberation to present eroticism in a different way, however, very courageous of them in this period. Running away from the political rules and frames, Rococo has awakened the passion in humans; not that people before weren’t sexually conscious, but art gave them what they couldn’t afford – freedom. Pride, power, and the figure of a lady, except being synonymous with royal France, have now become a synonym with the works of Rococo style too. Eroticism is taken at a high level; it is not displayed only through pure nudity, on the contrary, the Rococo style is rich in erotic clothing, and some naked parts of the body. Eroticism is a symbol of passion, lustful and emotional storms, sexuality, sexual desires, dreams, and fantasies. Rococo erotica is the longing of a bourgeois French lady, boost to the male organ and orgasm for the mind of the artist.

    This artistic style is witty and cunning; on one hand, there are the innocence and simplicity of French life shown by pastel colors and the use of refined, disenchanted ornaments, while the other side shows “sweet debauchery.” We do not see the Sodom and Gomorrah led by courtesans, royal servants, and dependents; so clearly, Rococo style gives us a picture of a quiet, peaceful France. If we go a little deeper and further, we can realize that the pastel colors and powder pink roses are perhaps a symbol of women’s bare skin. Lush gardens and fountains are the splendor of a woman hidden under long ball and masquerade dresses.

    Rococo painting by Francois Boucher | Blonde Odalisque (1752)
    Francois Boucher | Blonde Odalisque (1752)

    The Golden Three of Rococo are the artists: Antoine Watteau, Francois Boucher and Jean-Honore Fragonard – the only three who looked at baroque in the face and instead of following the king’s terms, embraced eroticism as their eternal love. Watteau’s courage is seen in the fête Galante paintings, in which he showed the ludic and erotic side of the French aristocracy. A good example of “dressed erotica” is his picture Le faux pas (1717) that screams out sexual desire, passion, seduction and love.

    Boucher was the erotic “messenger” in Rococo style.

    He enjoyed painting the female body, as it is; curvy, exuberant and naked. Through the painting of his female acquaintances or wife, Boucher expresses femininity and passion.

    Rococo painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard | The Swing (1767)
    Jean-Honore Fragonard | The Swing (1767)

    In the end, Fragonard knew how to play with the mind and the eye of the consumers of his art; The Swing, his most famous work, shows a seemingly ordinary day for the French bourgeoisie. A woman enjoying a swing with her servant and in front of her lays a man whose gaze is directed under her skirt. This covered eroticism tickles the imagination; what is hidden in the minds of the two lovers? Many “cat and mouse” games are used in the art of Rococo. Pastel colors, beautiful gardens and lush flowers cover the then erotic entertainment. The baroque political cunning and desire for power were then replaced by a thirst for passion and sharing of sex secrets.

  • Mary Webster’s Alien Erotic Art

    When looking at Mary Webster’s alien erotic art, one is confronted with strong imagery, that although vulgar, is provocative and interesting. Watercolors and ink illustrations combine nude art with...

    When looking at Mary Webster’s alien erotic art, one is confronted with strong imagery, that although vulgar, is provocative and interesting. Watercolors and ink illustrations combine nude art with surrealism and abstraction. Incorporating humor into her art, the artist depicts fetishes, sexual fantasies, and scenes of debauchery while embracing various forms of sexuality and eroticism. The artworks do not shy away from morbid and even macabre scenes and imagery.

    Mary Webster's Alien erotic art
    SIBELLA by Mary Webster

    Initially starting with depictions of body modifications and subjects losing themselves to carnal desires, the artist developed her erotic illustrations into serialized works. Webster’s work evolved into incorporating scenes with alien figures engaging in sexual encounters, going about their daily routines, and even portraits of them. The Alien series combines a love for science-fiction and erotica. Additionally, the series embraces vulgarity through unique characters named after the obscene slang terms for male and female sexual genitalia—dick and cunt.

    As a self-taught visual artist currently based in the United Kingdom, Webster’s preferred medium is illustrative watercolors and ink pens. With no established studio space, the artist creates art from the comfort of her home. Her creativeness and ideas usually manifest themselves in the nighttime, often leading to the artist going to bed with her sketchbook. Ideas come while gazing onto the garden, looking out a window, or even while traveling. Usually, night or travel sketches are completed at a later date in the artist’s dining room on a small card table. While completing an artwork, classical music plays in the background, and the artist can spend a whole day working on a single piece. English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, and choral composer Gerald Raphael Finzi are among some of the music listened to while drawing. Living alone is a benefit for the artist as she can fully immerse herself in her art, free from any distractions.

    Mary’s earlier work

    Growing up in Peterborough, Webster began creating art at the early age of thirteen. As an adult, however, she pursued a career in nursing. It was not until 2009 when she embraced her passion for art and created her first erotica collection while continuing her job as a nurse. Though formally pursuing art as a career until late, ideas for illustrating the erotic infused with the macabre, such as body mutilations, date back to the 1980s. One of her earliest pen and ink drawings created in 1985 features an elegantly dressed woman getting her head blown up. And, in 2004 while experimenting with ceramic painting, she created a small vase adorned with vibrant and cheerful colors and floral motifs dramatically juxtaposed by severed feet.

    Her interest in the perverse stems from the idealized, eroticized, and fantastical world of sexual narratives present in shunga, Japanese erotic art. With the literal meaning of the term being pictures of spring, the word shunga is a wordplay on spring being a common euphemism for sex. Shunga consists of ukiyo-e woodblock prints illustrating sexual encounters in nonrealistic positions and figures depicted with exaggerated genitalia. More specifically, Webster’s works include elements of ero guro, a subcategory of Japanese erotica characterized by erotic and grotesque nonsense focusing on sexual taboos and decadence. Ero guro works depict scenes full of sexual corruption and self-indulgence. Furthermore, the term’s definition refers to something being erotic and grotesque at the same time. It is important to note that the grotesqueness referred to in ero guro alludes to things that are malformed, unnatural, or horrific and not necessarily depictions of gore.

    Mary Webster's alien erotic art at Art Provocateur Gallery
    FORTITUDE by Mary Webster

    Exposure to this Japanese art style and other artists exploring similar concepts greatly influenced Webster’s artistic development. She openly embraced images capturing erotic and disturbing depictions of sexual and pleasurable encounters. Some of her contemporary influences and inspirations include the work of the “Godfather of Japanese Erotica,” Japanese painter Toshio Saeki. Saeki’s works combined humor and gore with traditional Japanese motifs of folklore. Similarly, Webster’s work combines satire with body modifications and fetishes. Additionally, her works closely emulate Saeki’s overt and even playful approach to sexual taboos and depiction of shameless and immoral fantasies.

    Webster’s work is exquisite and challenging. Most of her works explore eroticism through sensual surreal scenes depicting body mutilations such as missing body parts or mechanical limbs. The morbid scenes present in her artworks come from her imagination, and everything she draws is her unique invention. Mainly getting her ideas from items around her house, such as a SEBO vacuum cleaner or a hand mixer, appliances often appear in Webster’s illustrations as devices for torture, penetration, and pleasure. The use of household items symbolizes the epitome of debauchery. Also, the artist’s knowledge and experiences in the medical field come through in her watercolors as they often include imagery of medical equipment such as syringes and gloves.

    Mary Webster's alien erotic art at Art Provocateur Gallery
    DOMINAS by Mary Webster

    Watercolor and ink on paper function as an avenue to illustrate body mutilations in a safe and free manner. In her earlier works, nude figures wore customized red clothing designed by herself. Using red watercolor and then using black ink to draw tiny circles to achieve the appearance of shagreen, a type of rough rawhide, Webster meticulously created the garments characteristic of her work even today. After developing the concept of specifically tailored clothing, limb structures that resembled advanced weaponry and armor started finding themselves incorporated into her customized details.

    In 2017, her ideas of adding weapons to limbs merged with the sexual explicitness of her previous works. This erotic combination came into full fruition through her Alien Erotic Art series. The illustrations for the Aliens series stem from the artist’s belief in extraterrestrial life and love for anything science fiction. The serial works quickly developed with new ways to illustrate various limb structures embodying technological advancements or adult toys. Her unique characters, such as “Cunt Buddies” and “Dick Buddies,” serve as embodiments of sexual devices and frequently appear in the imaginary reality depicted in her serial art. With endless opportunities for ideas, the secret libraries of the perverse mind can come to life.

    Mary Webster's alien erotic art at Art Provocateur Gallery
    GAME OF DICKS by Mary Webster

    One of her masterpieces from the Alien series is Game of Dicks, a work inspired by a short clip from the popular HBO television show Game of Thrones. The portrait of an Alien warrior illustrates the artist’s sensual and lustful version of a fur cloak, a dick cloak. The brave leader pictured in Game of Dicks, like many other Aliens in her illustrations, wears opulent ruby jewelry. Though the image is full of eroticism and imbued with debauchery, Webster finds a way to incorporate her love for elegant gemstones. Science fiction and fetish imagery contrast with the lavish characteristics conveyed through a fur cloak and expensive jewelry.

    Webster’s alien erotic art illustrations have been part of various group exhibitions in galleries throughout London and New York, such as the Copeland Gallery and Limner Gallery. In 2017, six of her works exhibited in the Lausanne Swiss Art Gallery, where she won the Award of Excellence for Erotic Drawing. One of her most notable accomplishments includes having her alien erotic art published in 2009 when she officially began her art career. Since then, her works have appeared in the publications The World’s Greatest Erotic Art Volume 3 and Volume 5 by Erotic Signature.

    For Webster, art has no rules. She continuously strives to depict scenes of debauchery through surreal and abstract watercolors and ink pen illustrations. Through nude art, she finds an outlet for making a difference in the portrayal and depictions of the naked human body and sexual acts in art. Mary Webster is the most inventive and one of the most controversial erotic artists we’ve seen to date, and we welcome her to Art Provocateur Gallery.


  • Patrick Palmer 5924

    How To Buy One of a Kind Art (Without Breaking The Bank)

    There’s no denying it, truly impressive one-of-a-kind art comes with a price tag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to own one. Whether you’re an interior decorator looking to find a...

    There’s no denying it, truly impressive one-of-a-kind art comes with a price tag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to own one. Whether you’re an interior decorator looking to find a piece that fits your budget or looking for a piece of your own without breaking the budget, we’re here to help.

    The Benefits (& Challenges) of One-of-a-Kind Art

    One-of-a-kind art is, by definition, unique. In and of itself, this is a huge part of the appeal. It makes a piece inherently more interesting, transforming your decor into a conversation piece. As well, it helps decorations speak to your interests and personality.

    Patrick Palmer 5924

    Original artwork has a quality all its own. It has a feeling and emotion to it as if the artist is channeling themselves directly into the piece. Unlike a copy, it has all the heart and inspiration the artist pours into their work. It’s a quality that’s difficult to quantify but easy to feel.

    Being a unique piece makes it all the more desirable. One-of-a-kind art prints are often sought after and prized by collectors. This demand makes these pieces far more valuable when investing in art.

    Of course, the same scarcity that makes them so valuable and the pride of art collectors makes them that much more difficult to obtain. The two biggest challenges with one-of-a-kind artwork are:

    1. 1. Availability
    2. 2. Price
    Julia Grayson 6927
    Artist: Julia Grayson

    In this article, we provide inside tips on how to find accessible and affordable one-of-a-kind art that you love.

    Ease Of Access: Online Art Galleries

    We are living in a golden age of art accessibility. With the internet taking over how we discover, purchase and experience art it’s easier to discover artists and find pieces that match your tastes. No longer are you bound to look for art only at local galleries and exhibitions.

    The advent of online art galleries has not only made it easier to find amazing artwork from around the world but also to find more niche genres. In the past, finding niche prints like one-of-a-kind erotica and nude art meant having to be in the know.

    Shulman 7315
    Nude #655 by Shulman

    Now it’s easier than ever to search for any genre of art. With our nude and erotic art gallery, people don’t need to be lifestyle enthusiasts or “plugged-in” to the art community.

    Online galleries provide access to your favorite genres and art styles, right at your fingertips. This makes them an ideal solution for finding one-of-a-kind art.

    Look For Emerging Artists

    The cost of art is, generally, tied directly to the name of the artist. Once artists are able to establish their name the price of their art skyrockets. If you want to buy one-of-a-kind art without breaking the bank, an established artist isn’t the ideal choice.

    Erotic Painter
    10-1-18 Seated figure | Thomas Donaldson

    Instead, you want to seek out emerging artists. Getting one-of-a-kind art from an emerging artist isn’t just less expensive, it’s also the best investment opportunity. On top of getting art at the best price, when the artist becomes well known, the value of the art soars well above the purchase price.

    Of course, this leads to the question, how do you spot an emerging artist who is likely to grow? Here are a few pointers you can use:

    1. Look for art that you like

    The best way to feel good about an art investment is to find a piece you love. Even if you’re buying solely as an investment, it can take time for an emerging artist to hit their stride. So it’s worth having something you want to look at. Besides, with so much art available finding something you like is a good way to narrow down the options.

    Rick 7237
    From Beneath You by Rick

    As well, your support will help this artist grow. So all the more reason to buy from an artist who you’d like to see more work from.

    2. Research the artist

    The first thing to do when you pick a piece is to Google the artist. While you want someone unknown enough to keep the prices lower, you also want someone who has a bit of momentum.

    Good signs are if the artist has a PR agent and is featured in galleries. That shows that the industry has some faith in this artist. As well, you want to find someone who had been featured in some publications. The sweet spot is usually one or two publications. It’s enough to get their name out and give the push they need, but not enough to raise their pricing significantly.

    3. Research the models

    This is especially valuable for photographers. The models an artist works with are a good signifier of their standing and performance. As well, a good model adds to the value, recognition, and promotion of the artist.

    Todd Monk 4730
    Closer by Todd Monk

    As well, it speaks to the quality of the artist. Top models will only work with an artist they respect and who can get the best work out of their poses. A bad picture is as bad for the model as it is for the photographer.

    An artist who is beginning to work with well-known models is likely on the verge of breaking out.

    The Size of The Art Work

    Size can have an impact on the cost of art. Generally, for print and canvas, the larger the piece the more it costs. With statues, the size is not necessarily reflected in the price. The size of the statue is whatever size the artist thought might work best.

    One Of A Kind Sculpture
    Cyprus – Semi Nude | Anthony Jeffries

    For print, originals are often large. But that depends on the preference of the artist. Artists who produce originals on smaller canvases may have a lower price than large or oversized photos and paintings.

    What you should keep in mind most of all when choosing the art size is where you want to put it. An oversized piece doesn’t make sense if there’s no space for it. Just as a smaller piece isn’t effective when you’re trying to decorate a large area. The space where an oversized painting is ideal will likely require multiple pieces in various other sizes.

    Consider Limited Edition Art

    For the budget-conscious art-buyer one-of-a-kind isn’t always a feasible option. That doesn’t mean you need to submit to mass-produced prints. It’s worth taking a look at limited edition art.

    Erotic Digital Art
    Tranquilita | Vito Piacente

    Limited edition art prints have many similar value points to one-of-a-kind art. They’re still high-quality and fairly unique pieces that hold value as an investment.

    For more information, read our Guide to Shopping for Limited Edition Art.

  • Helmut Newton | Erotic Fashion Photography

    Every once in a while a brilliant artistic flash emerges that redefines a genre or combines ideas into a new fusion of styles. This occurs across all sectors of culture and the arts and it’s no surprise...

    Every once in a while a brilliant artistic flash emerges that redefines a genre or combines ideas into a new fusion of styles. This occurs across all sectors of culture and the arts and it’s no surprise that the art of photography has benefitted from this phenomenon. Helmut Newton, a unique and highly influential figure in contemporary fine art photography produced one such brilliant flash.

    Newton was one of the world’s greatest fashion photographers. His erotically charged black-and-white photos achieved near-permanent status on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other high fashion magazines. His photographic art – mixing fashion, nudity, and beauty – made him one of the most talked-about contemporary artists of the 1980s and 90s. His compositional talent took fashion photography to a new artistic level.

    The first fashion magazines, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue were initially illustrated by hand. It was not until 1913 when Condé Nast hired a photographer famed for his elegant photographic portraits, to shoot for Vogue, that photographs began to be used in fashion editorials. In the 1920s and 1930s, with the help of photography, rising couturiers, such as Chanel, Balenciaga, and Lanvin, became known for their distinctive styles. Paris was the center of the fashion world and the French city attracted some of the most famous fashion photographers of the time, mostly coming from Germany. Photographers such as Horst P. Horst and George Hoyningen-Huene, both working at Vogue, took an important step in re-imaging fashion photography. Paris remained the center of both fashion and fashion photography until the end of the 1930′s but the world was starting to change.

    Corset photographed by Horst P. Horst in 1939
    Horst P. Horst | Corset by Detolle for Mainbocher (1939)

    Richard Avedon, an American who began his career in 1944 as an advertising photographer developed an interest in fashion photography, and showed a great aptitude for this genre. Avedon was retained by Harper’s Bazaar and was sent to Paris in 1946 to cover the latest collections from the French fashion houses. The images Avedon captured for Harper’s Bazaar represented a new direction for fashion photography, young and full of energy.

    Avedon’s style was all about movement. He replaced the static, lifeless poses of the work that preceded him, with photographs full of vitality. He moved out of the studio and its confining control, preferring to work outdoors, or on location. Capturing lively street scenes and bustling parties, his models were photographed at the moment, showcasing their natural femininity; their flowing clothes seemed to be an elegant extension of their own bodies.

    Following on the heels of Avedon, Helmut Newton presented a newly aggressive and erotic image of women, who were radiant, elegant, powerful, and sensual. Avedon and the newly emerging Newton offered a striking counterpoint to contemporary fashion photography that had often portrayed women as weak and controlled.

    Naked and dressed photograph by Helmut Newton in 1981
    Helmut Newton | Naked and Dressed, Paris (1981)

    A master of eroticism’s dark potential, Helmut Newton redefined fashion photography – and even influenced modern sexuality, producing vividly erotic photographic art for Playboy and other leading-edge publications of the time. Newton’s influence has grown to be monumental in scope and impact. He was provocative, in his portrayals of stylized erotic scenes. His female subjects were photographed in suggestive poses, seemingly unaware of the camera. His models were typically tall and strong with perfect physiques – prototypical of later ‘super-models’ of the 1980s. The scenarios he arranged were shocking at the time, but their impact has lessened with the growth of erotic photography worldwide.

    Crocodile erotic photograph by Helmut Newton in 1980
    Helmut Newton | Crocodile (1980)

    A key feature of Newton’s photography is its ambiguity – viewers are never quite sure how to react to the scenes presented. This edgy ambivalence, allied to his style and panache, is what separates his pictures from those of his many imitators. This, and his technical brilliance – the way that he composes, frames and illuminates his photos are in a class of its own.

    The world of Helmut Newton is extremely complex and diverse.

    Born Helmut Neustaedter, to a Jewish family in Berlin, Germany, his fascination with photography began at the age of 12. At 16 he was apprenticed to a Berlin-based photographer, who was renowned for her elegant fashion, theatrical and nude photographs, greatly influencing his future career. In the late 1930s, Newton fled Nazi Germany, eventually settling in Australia. In 1946 he became an Australian citizen and set himself up in Melbourne as a professional photographer specializing in fashion and theatre photography.

    In 1953 Newton achieved his first big break when he was commissioned to produce a series of fashion shots in a special Australian supplement for Vogue magazine, which appeared in early 1956. Following the success of this, he was given a 12-month contract with British Vogue and moved to London, later settling in Paris where he worked on fashion shoots for a variety of prestigious magazines including French Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Later in his career, he shot covers for Playboy, Nova, Oui, Marie-Claire, and Elle, as well as the American, Italian, and German editions of Vogue.

    Model in horse saddle photograph by Helmut Newton in Paris in 1976
    Helmut Newton | Saddle, Paris (1976)

    In the late 1960s, early 70s, he began to create a new style of erotic pictorialism – a type of fashion photography involving cool statuesque, and sexually experienced women, complete with overtones of voyeurism, sadomasochism, fetishism, and lesbianism – the absolute antithesis of the feminist art being produced in America at the time. Newton’s provocative interpretation of elegant and decadent lifestyles, with its powerful, confrontational female nudes, was light years away from the conventional fashion photography practiced by his contemporaries. The publishing industry loved it.

    Raquel Welch photographed by Helmut Newton in 1981
    Helmut Newton | Raquel Welch (1981)

    The world of Helmut Newton is extremely complex and diverse. Considered shocking and provocative back in the 60s, by the climax of his career he enjoyed the reputation of a photographer who was able to imagine and visualize his subjects as women who take the lead rather than follow it; women who enjoy the resplendence and vitality of their bodies; women who are both responsible and willing.

    Elsa Peretti in a 'Bunny' costume by Halston, New York photographed by Helmut Newton in 1975
    Helmut Newton | Elsa Peretti in a ‘Bunny’ Costume by Halston, New York (1975 )

    The Czech born art historian, and curator of contemporary art and photography Zdenek Felix, has said, “From fashion shots to portraits, from nude studies to the world of ballet, from the erotic to the subject of death – Newton’s work encompassed an almost baroque abundance of themes.” Newton’s unique contribution was to give fashion photography a noir edge, making it one of the coolest genres of contemporary art in the public domain.

    Helmut Newton’s genius lies in his work on the female body, his strong, confident Amazons striding towards the camera are an unforgettable moment in fashion history.

    Newton died at the age of 83 from injuries received in a car crash near his home in Southern California.

  • Model with painting by arkadiy kozlovskiy

    Pornography or Erotic Art?

    Is erotic art pornography? While not a simple question to answer, addressing it is necessary in order to bring clarity, appreciation, and understanding of this topic by what at times can be considered an...

    Is erotic art pornography? While not a simple question to answer, addressing it is necessary in order to bring clarity, appreciation, and understanding of this topic by what at times can be considered an extremely sexualized society. We must ask: What is erotic art? What is pornography? What is the difference between them, and how can we develop a knowledgeable perspective on the issue?

    pornography or erotica by arkadiy kozlovskiy
    Arkadiy Kozlovskiy | Yulya Svet

    In order to understand the difference, we must first address the definition of each word. Art is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” A work of art conveys a concept, an idea, or a group of ideas. It is communication between the artist and the viewer, listener, or reader. Within art and the viewing of it, there is no shame; at least, there shouldn’t be. Art inspires interest and deep thought, however, there is not usually a blatant push for action intended by the artist. For example, a work of tastefully erotic art can hang on a wall and be understood by artists and the individuals viewing it, that while sexy, the piece is not necessarily intended to motivate the viewer to engage in the eroticism being portrayed. At this point, one can begin to see the difference between art and pornography, once the purpose of erotic art is understood.

    Bruno Fournier 6709
    Photographer: Bruno Fournier

    We must next define the word pornography in order to understand its meaning as well. The word pornography originates from, “pornographos,” a Greek word that refers to prostitution. Webster’s defines pornography as “the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement,” or, “the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction.” The motivation of pornography, then, is not the communication of a concept or idea. Its intention is for action on the part of the viewer, reader, or listener. Within pornography and normally, a consumer of pornography, there is generally a strong push for gratification of sorts.

    Within pornography, there is generally a strong push for gratification.

    There is not usually an inspiration for deep thoughts and consideration contained in the intention of pornography toward its consumers. For example, a sexual depiction as part of a marketing campaign may be considered pornographic, as it motivates action. The sexual depiction is not represented for contemplation, appreciation, or communication of an idea other than to motivate the viewer, listener, or reader to engage in what is being sold. Unfortunately, as a result of the pornography industry and the sexually saturated marketing campaigns so prominent today, there is a gross lack of understanding of the difference between erotic art and pornography.

    Tobias Ginski 7269
    Photographer: Tobias Ginski

    Let us not leave out the perspective that erotic art is a communication of beauty, while the purpose of pornography is not for the consumer to take the time to appreciate beauty and ideas. Tasteful art is about the artist, and what is being communicated by him or her. It is an invitation of the artist extended to the consumer to participate in his or her art via intellect. Pornography is about the viewer, listener, or reader, and what can be gained by him or her as a result of consuming it.

    Rick 7291
    Wildlife by Rick

    The understatement of tasteful art when comparing erotica and pornography is also to be appreciated. It evokes the thoughtful emotion of the consumer. The communication of art can be assessed, understood, and reassessed with appreciation. However, pornography is seldom understated and does not usually promote the consumer to take the time to assess or thoughtfully examine. The general motivation is clear, blatant and at times, forceful. This brings to the forefront the argument that what is considered pornographic does lie within the viewer. An artistic work that one individual may view as simply erotic, may cause that “strong emotional” and motivated reaction within a different person that may be considered pornographic.

    THEKEYTOROOM237 7113
    Photographer: THEKEYTOROOM237

    It is important for consumers of art to fully understand and continue to educate themselves on the difference between erotic art and pornography. It is a path of understanding and personal growth not to be regretted.

    Art Provocateur Gallery presents a beautifully curated collection of nude and erotic art from around the world. We welcome you to peruse erotic art for sale at ArtProvocateur.com.

  • Devin Pierre Photography

    10 of America’s Best Erotic Photographers

    Erotic photographers are a rare breed. They are able to capture the beauty and emotion in tantalizing fine art photographs. Our online erotic art gallery features some of the best erotic photographers...

    Erotic photographers are a rare breed. They are able to capture the beauty and emotion in tantalizing fine art photographs. Our online erotic art gallery features some of the best erotic photographers from around the globe. Today, we take a look at 10 of America’s best erotic photographers, established and rising stars:

    10. Devinn Pierre

    Born in Houston Texas, Devinn Pierre is a talented artist. Devinn’s photography focuses on beauty and freedom. Though his nude stills are unique, this artists’ style captures a 70s era retro feel.

    Devin Pierre Photography
    Sonny In The Kitchen | Devinn Pierre

    Although having a longstanding passion for photography, Devinn is just making headway in the burgeoning erotic photography scene. His photography background includes street-style art and short films, before moving into erotic art. He is already making headway with features in online magazines including Nakid, S&S Mothership, and C-Heads Magazine.

    Devinn Pierre 5572
    Photographer: Devinn Pierre

    In addition to a passion for the lens, Devinn Pierre is a musician. You can find Devinn’s DJ tracks on Apple Music and Soundcloud.

    Devinn shoots on 35mm, medium format, and polaroids. See more of Devinn Pierre’s work in our erotic art gallery.

    9. FASFOTO

    FASFOTO is an erotic photographer based in Baltimore, Mayland. His work focuses on figure, portraiture, and the female body.

    Although another relative newcomer on the erotic art scene, FASFOTO began earning attention quickly. His work has been featured in DEKAN Magazine and he works with a number of talented models.

    fasfoto 6852
    Artist: Fasfoto

    Intent on capturing and contrasting beauty and shape, his work often features scenic and dynamic backdrops. FASFOTO’s work with models also creates expressive and emotive scenes that offer compelling storytelling.

    fasfoto 5686
    Artist: Fasfoto

    For more, explore our gallery of erotic photography by FASFOTO.

    8. Sasha S

    Sasha S, known as nimblephotons on social media, is a San Francisco-based photographer. His work is mostly local, shooting fine art nudes and erotic photographs that feature SF Bay Area landscapes.

    Sculptural Photography
    Dance | Sasha S

    Sasha S produces emotive imagery in both color and black & white. Much of his work features sculptural photo prints. He also captures silhouettes and vibrant candid photos as well.

    For our full collection of nimblephotons erotic photographs, view our art gallery.

    7. Craig Colvin

    Another California artist on the list, Crag Colvin is an award-winning erotic photographer from San Jose. His works have been featured in magazines and galleries all around the world.

    Scenic Erotica
    Jess in Iceland | Crag Colvin

    Colvin’s photography focuses on the form of the human body and he uses the body to capture and compliment the shapes and curves found in nature. Much of Craig Colvin’s photography features scenic nature shots paired with the nude female form.

    In addition to scenic photographs, Craig also makes use of geometric backgrounds for sharp contrasts against the body’s natural curves.

    Sculptural Photography
    Keira Stripes | Craig Colvin

    Colvin isn’t just a student of his craft, he’s also a teacher – teaching people around the world in workshops and online courses. Discover more of Craig Colvin’s photography in our gallery.

    6. Ben Horton

    Although based in LA, Ben Horton has made his name by traveling all over the world. Formerly working in the fashion industry, Ben moved into the worlds of fine art and exploration. A born adventurer and climber, his works feature images from views others can’t get to.

    Ben Horton P6770
    Photographer: Ben Horton


    In addition to erotic fine art, Ben Horton shoots for National Geographic and his appreciation of scenic beauty filters into his dynamic and emotive imagery.

    Ben Horton P5087
    Photographer: Ben Horton

    A born storyteller, Ben’s work is provocative and tantalizing. Discover more erotic photography by Ben Horton in our online art gallery.

    5. Perry Gallagher

    Perry Gallagher is a photographer of fine art nudes and erotic imagery. His work focuses on feminine beauty. Stylistically, he uses available light rather than studio lighting to create intimate, unique imagery.

    Fetish Photography
    Ready With The Cane | Perry Gallagher

    Gallagher’s work has been featured in magazines, exhibitions, and galleries all around the world. He works with many different styles of fetish photography and has a range of BDSM photography, costume, boudoir, and foot fetish art prints.

    Perry Gallagher 6241
    Photographer: Perry Gallagher

    An accomplished photographer with worldwide renown, you can explore more of erotic photography prints by Perry Gallagher in our online gallery.

    4. Nai Sirrom

    Nai Sirrom is a truly unique creative mind in fine art erotic photography. His work ranges from tantalizing to downright bizarre. He can deliver strong introspective work through simple minimalistic imagery.

    Nai Sirrom 6959
    Photographer: Nai Sirrom

    Sirrom’s imagery is not limited to minimalist photography. He also makes use of highly stylized photography for powerful storytelling. Sirrom makes use of both black and white photography and colorful, vibrant images.

    Nai Sirrom 6915
    Photographer: Nai Sirrom

    Beyond photography, he also produces erotic fine art through the mediums of mixed media and digital art. Discover and shop Nai Sirrom’s limited edition art prints online in our erotic art gallery.

    3. Niel Galen

    Self-described as “outrageous and cheeky”, Niel Galen brings a sense of whimsy to erotic photography. His work displays a playful side of capturing the beauty and sensuousness of the female form. Highly conceptual, his work toys with shadows and light.

    Romantic Photography
    Sicilian Farmhouse Kitchen | Niel Galen

    Galen’s work is full of contrast. With a sense of liberation coming through in his BDSM fetish photography pieces and his sculptural photographs capturing movement and dance.

    Fetish Photography
    Roof Top Mornings | Niel Galen

    Discover more thematic, sensuous and playful erotic fine art by Niel Galen in our online art gallery.

    2. Craig Morey

    Another award-winning erotic photographer featured in the Art Provocateur Gallery, Craig Morey has a long history in the industry. He was a contract photographer for Penthouse International during their peak in the 80s and 90s. Morey has also been featured in books and publications all over the world.

    Limited Edition Fetish Art
    Natalie 35660.12 | Craig Morey

    Currently, Morey specializes in portraiture and artistic nude photography. He is best known for his black and white erotic studio nudes but also experiments with color and scenic photography. In fetish photography, Morey is making waves with his evocative bondage art prints. His minimalistic bondage photography is emotive and tells a story all it’s own through shadow and light styling.

    Bondage Photography
    Natalie 81098.04 | Craig Morey

    Discover BDSM and erotic photography by Craig Morey in our online gallery.

    1. Aranka Israni

    Currently residing in New York, erotic photographer Aranka Israni is one of the few East-coast representatives on this list. Her exhibitions date back to 2000, predating her post-secondary fine arts education. Since then, her work has been on display around the world and has been featured in publications like La Provence and Vie Magazine.

    Sculptural Erotic Art
    Float | Aranka Israni

    With her artistic background including live video artistry, Israni’s photography captures movement and the transition between moments. She uses her camera to capture the emotional truth that the human form conveys. In her silhouette photography, she displays the duality of opposites in humanity, with a specific focus on the tension between masculinity and femininity.

    Silhouette Photography
    Loop | Aranka Israni

    Discover and shop limited edition prints of sculptural and erotic photography by Aranka Israni.

    Shop Limited Edition Erotic Photography Online

    Art Provocateur Gallery is the industry leader in shopping for limited edition erotic art. Our roster of artists consists of the best-established artist and rising stars in the industry. All prints come with the best printing quality and options. Discover leading erotica in limited editions and original art. Browse our online erotic art gallery for more.

  • One Of A Kind Erotica

    What Is Erotic Art

    Erotic art is often misunderstood. Scholars and artists alike can struggle to truly define erotic art. Most often they rely on explaining what erotic art isn’t, or on the idea of “you know it when you...

    Erotic art is often misunderstood. Scholars and artists alike can struggle to truly define erotic art. Most often they rely on explaining what erotic art isn’t, or on the idea of “you know it when you see it.”

    erotic art thomas donaldson
    Artist: Thomas Donaldson

    This lack of definition creates a challenge for the genre. We take a crack at an easy way to grasp definition.

    Definition of Erotic Art

    Erotic art is an art that either depicts sexual activity and/or is designed with the intent of provoking arousal. While it has erotic intentions, it is also something that can be appreciated as art if absent of arousal. It is fine art with erotic themes and/or imagery.

    Starf by Rick 7235
    Starf*** by Rick

    This definition separates erotic artists from pornographers. Void of arousal, pornography is not typically artistically driven.

    As well, this definition avoids painting all sexual imagery as erotic art. For instance, the famous Baulé fertility statues depict a man and woman nude. Although they depict nudity, there is no erotic intent so they do not fall under the erotic art category.

    Instead, the purpose of these statues is to promote fertility. They’re actually a popular exhibit for couples who are trying to conceive. According to Ripley’s (who has the statues on display):

    Baule Statues
    Baulé Tribe | Fertility Statues

    “Thousands of women have testified that after trying to conceive for years. They got pregnant after laying their hands on the legendary statue’s.”

    These represent a clear example of the difference between nude and erotic sculptures.

    Why is Defining Erotic Art Important?

    All great art has its critics. But, erotica suffers criticisms and challenges that other genres aren’t as exposed to. One of the biggest reasons it is important to define erotic art is that a misrepresentation as pornography leads to its suppression.

    Silence by Nai Sirrom 6961
    Silence by Nai Sirrom

    Freedom of speech protects the arts. Pornography, however, is not privy to the same protections because of its classification as obscene.

    Art or Obscenity?

    In the famous Miller v. California 1973 trial, the courts established a three-factor rule that satisfies whether to legally categorize a piece as art or obscenity. Miller was arrested for selling, distributing, and publishing obscene materials. His defense: the works were not obscene because they possessed social value.

    Although his defense did not stand, the trial did lead to a standard for determining whether to classify something as art or obscenity. A piece must meet all three factors:

    Bodyscape Photography
    No Tilte No 7 | Yevgeniy Repiashenko
    1. * Whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the works as a whole appeal to the prurient interest;
    2. * Whether the work depicts or describes sexual conduct or excretory functions, as defined by state law, in an offensive way; and
    3. * Whether the work as a whole lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

    With regards to the first two points, they are subjective depending on the time and locations. The third point, however, is really the crux of what separates art from obscenity. Erotic art contains serious artistic value.

    The Philosophy of Erotica

    The philosophy of erotic art goes beyond arousal. It has been a part of human culture since our earliest discovered records. Erotica is part of who we are, and its artwork is a means of embracing human nature.

    Is All Erotic Art Nude?

    As evidenced in famous paintings, like Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, not all nude art is erotic. But is all erotic art nude? This is a common misconception, but erotica does not rely on nudity.

    Erotic themes, situations, or suggestions do not require nudity. In erotic photography, the model’s clothing and posing can drive the erogenous appeal. A good example is burlesque photography where the model’s attire is sexually suggestive.

    Fetish Photography
    Woman Spitting Water | Tenaglia

    Erotic artists may also focus on body parts that are commonly linked to sexual interaction and/or arousal. An artist may specifically focus on sexualized body parts like legs, breasts, genitalia, hands, and feet to evoke something in the viewer.

    Whether through incorporating a fetish or the implication of sexuality, erotic art does not require nudity.

    Where to Find Erotic Art

    Today, there is no shortage of ways to discover art. Galleries, shows, and social media provide easy access for long time collectors or first-time buyers. Erotic art, however, has remained more elusive. Art Provocateur Gallery is the premier online gallery for erotic art.  Browse the largest selection of erotic art from some of America’s best erotic photographers.

  • Woman with mouth covered by Marcel van der Vlugt

    Erotic Nude Art | Contemporary vs Abstract

    If you’re an erotic nude art enthusiast, you truly appreciate the form and sensuality of the human body. As an admirer, you may notice how the intricacies of the human figure transform with each...

    If you’re an erotic nude art enthusiast, you truly appreciate the form and sensuality of the human body. As an admirer, you may notice how the intricacies of the human figure transform with each different artistic style. Depending on whether the nude is a contemporary work or abstraction, the nature of the nude will adjust and change according to each style, manifesting itself differently to reflect the specific aesthetic approach.

    Woman with mouth covered by Marcel van der Vlugt
    Marcel van der Vlugt | Woman (2001)

    With abstract eroticism, we are invited to experience the female form in a new way; the imagery and colors are often distorted for an enhanced perspective. Comparatively, the contemporary erotic nude offers us a real-world view of today’s women, while sometimes also offering a critical standpoint from which to perceive female identity.

    If you have not yet broadened your tastes within the erotic nude genre, you can consider embracing versions across different styles. It’s outstanding to see how the nude’s beauty is reinvented through various creative modes.

    An erotic nude’s beauty is reinvented through various creative modes.

    With the conceptual approach, the contemporary artist is representing a theoretical issue that addresses culture or politics in a critical way. In response, we are invited to explore a current-day problem affecting global society. Marcel Van Der Vlugt shows conceptualism in his work, inviting us to explore a deeply loaded social issue regarding western women. His photograph depicts a woman wearing a mouth cover while having her voluptuous breasts exposed.

    Alex Machev 6719
    Photographer: Alex Manchev

    There are many feminists and activists who feel such objectification is cruel and misogynistic. Nevertheless, the woman’s nudity is also equated with sublimity and purity through the white flowers, which evoke a quiet beauty. Overall, there is special mysticism and fantasy surrounding this scene.

    In the case of the contemporary erotic nude art, we are encouraged to approach the scene with a more critical eye as opposed to merely appreciating its aesthetic value. With the contemporary nude, the artist will often utilize the naked body for either of two objectives: documental or conceptual.

    With the documentary approach, the artist is depicting or exploiting today’s men or women to reflect the life and times in which they live. Alex Manchev reveals this contemporary theme through a realistic atmosphere. The woman’s made-up eyes and provocative pose and heels offer a provocative sex stereotype, displayed on an apartment balcony ledge while smoking a cigarette on a sunny day. These elements produce an overwhelming commonplace context, identifiable by the viewer, making it both arousing yet familiar.

    'Love Me' painting by artist Renu G
    Renu G | Love Me (2009)

    With abstract eroticism, on the other hand, we are encouraged to appreciate human physicality in an entirely new light. The colors and forms are expressed purely through the artists’ unique vision. As a result, the imagery is often deeply rooted in personal taste, leaving the formal elements distorted and expressive.

    Erotic imagery is shown poignantly in Renu G’s work, Lust, where she focuses on the provocative nature of ‘line’. Although the artist only leaves subtle marks on the canvas, she provides just enough information to suggest strong sexual energy.

    Blue Flower painted by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1918
    Georgia O’Keeffe | Blue Flower (1918)

    Another superb example of erotic abstract art is the blue masterpiece “Flower” by Georgia O’Keeffe. While only subtly indicating the shape of a vagina, the artist gracefully appeals to our primal perceptions of the genitalia. The artist merely uses a variety of swift flower-like shapes, yet it’s still immediately identifiable and arousing.

    However, the use of blue makes this a compelling abstract work as this color is usually associated with coldness and distance. Conversely, the color red is often linked to passion and sensuality, making blue an interesting color choice for this particular piece. Nevertheless, this choice adds an odd sublimity and peacefulness that we do not often associate with the vagina, a symbol of empowerment and fertility. For this reason, the viewer can approach this work as an elegant expression of female eroticism.

    No matter which artistic style is being used to depict eroticism, there will almost always be a raw organic beauty in every piece. Whether the work is contemporary or abstract, you can appreciate the beauty and nature of nakedness in all its forms. Through each type of expression, the soul of nudity is celebrated through the artist’s unique lens, inviting you as the viewer to share the experience.

    Where to Find Erotic Nude Art

    Today, there is no shortage of ways to discover art. Galleries, shows, and social media provide easy access for long time collectors or first-time buyers. Erotic nude art, however, has remained more elusive. Art Provocateur Gallery is the premier online gallery for erotic art.  Browse the largest selection of erotic art from artists from all over the world.