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    Sex Training

    When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other...

    When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other non-medical areas. 

    All in all, while most men want to be great at sex, they lack the basic understanding of what helps the body execute its fantasies. So, what is the solution?

    Nude and erotic art can be a powerful tool for expressing and exploring sexuality, and incorporating sex training can deepen the understanding and representation of sexual themes in artistic works. From erotic paintings to sensual sculptures, artists have long used their craft to portray the beauty and complexity of human sexuality. By incorporating sex training, artists can better understand the nuances of sexual expression and create more nuanced and authentic representations of sexuality in their work. Moreover, exploring sexuality through art can be a powerful means of personal growth and self-discovery, as well as a way to challenge cultural taboos and stereotypes surrounding sex.

    So in today’s article, we will go through various ways to train your body and mind to be better at and enjoy sex as an intimate form of bonding with your lover. Let us begin!

    What Makes Sex Better?

    Training to be a better sexual person and partner is all about seeing into yourself and discovering what you are capable of. So the following are some tips that can improve your sex life and make you feel healthier.

    1. Work Out Daily

    Exercising every day helps to improve your sex life. According to Matthew N. Simmons, MD, Ph.D. from the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland, exercising as little as 15 minutes daily can boost your physical progress and sexual prowess. 

    And there is scientific backing to this claim. Exercising helps to energize your body, which boosts your libido. Moreover, working out also helps to encourage a positive body image, which makes you more confident while hooking up. 

    2. Communicate Your Sexual Needs

    Let’s talk about sex. Many, to this day, are shy about expressing their sexual needs to the person they love. But it’s crucial to communicate how you want your intimate moments to be, to make them carnal passionate, and all about your raw desires for each other. 

    Talking about sex improves the sexual bond you two share. It helps both of you to try out things that each other craves while fooling around with each other. Moreover, it solves the question, “What makes you feel good in bed?”

    When you both know each other’s kinks, fetishes, turn-ons, and turn-offs, sex feels more intoxicating and fired up. 

    3. Do Chores, Together

    This might sound lame, but these little things can turn the heat up between you two. Go grocery shopping, cook and shower together, and do various things in pairs.

    Soon, you will find yourself looking at how she moves and her allure in everything she does. This increases the infatuation with her, making you fantasize about sexy things you wish to do with her. 

    In a way, you are letting your imagination run wild by being around her more. And you are doing the same thing to her. Certain chores together can raise sexual tension, making you both want to leave your tasks and entangle in each other’s arms. 

    4. Take the Foreplay Out of Your Bedrooms

    Having sex everywhere inside your home is a great way to tackle sexual performance anxiety. If you feel the bedroom is limiting to your talents, ask her if she is comfortable taking it to another part of the home. 

    The bathroom, the kitchen, and the living rooms are unconventional parts of the home for a full-blown lovemaking session. Soon you will find yourself performing to your heart’s content, making her arch her back and moan out your name. 

    Removing insecure factors from your environment can improve your sex drive and confidence by two folds. So if you feel you cannot make her squirt in bed, go down on her while she bakes a cake or tries to, at least, without losing her mind to your sensual pleasures. 

    5. Opt to Join Sexual Masterclasses

    Since most men need an extra hand knowing about sex, there are professional masterclasses that can help you learn all about pleasing your lady. 

    There is a lot to learn about sex, such as:

    • Sex positions
    • Penis sizes
    • Sex-related diseases
    • Tips for foreplay and more

    And when you have a skillful coach guiding you towards being the best at all the platforms, your lady will swoon at the very sight of you. Sex masterclasses can re-ignite bland relationships and make couples feel powerfully confident in their skills. 

    This training will make you feel that you have control over how well your kinky sessions will go. So try one today!


    Sex training is not always about learning new positions but about learning to love yourself and your actions in bed. When you learn how to please a woman while pleasing yourself, you have achieved the true art of being a passionate man for your lady.


    Artwork by Sneganam

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    How to Bring BDSM into the Bedroom

    Nonsense: The negative perception of BDSM in the bedroom Don’t let the acronym intimidate you. BDSM, widely stigmatized in films, books, media, and pornography, often portrayed as abusive and inflicted...

    Nonsense: The negative perception of BDSM in the bedroom

    Don’t let the acronym intimidate you. BDSM, widely stigmatized in films, books, media, and pornography, often portrayed as abusive and inflicted on unwilling participants, is not the sort of kinky practice that violently endangers individuals when practiced within a caring relationship and attentively enjoyed. The acronym BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. These terms definitely raise the eyebrows of many, however, in practice, these terms are often very different than how they are perceived. The practice of tying up a partner in any way is an act of bondage; the act of following directions is an act of discipline. Being swatted with a crop (or anything) lightly on the ass (or anywhere else, for that matter) can also be considered an act of sadism and masochism.

    interior design guide to bdsm
    Valeriy by Naked P’NK

    In the mainstream media, terms like these are often interpreted in the harshest possible form and, for the uneducated, do not normally elicit images of lightly slapping crops on a moaning woman’s (or man’s) skin, or tying a partner up with silk stockings. The terms for BDSM practices vary and are utilized in different ways. As in the “vanilla” world, every relationship is different: Those practicing BDSM have their own unique desires and relationship styles. One thing is absolutely essential for a couple to have a successful and pleasurable BDSM experience with one another: Absolute mutual consent and desire for the experience.

    BDSM terminology: What does BDSM really mean?

    An overview of BDSM terminology includes D/s, for dominance and submission, B&D, for bondage and discipline, and S&M for sadomasochism. The small “s” in D/s is usually intended to symbolize the desire of the submissive to submit, allowing themselves to be perceived as “smaller” than their dominant partner. Among safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practitioners, it is widely understood that there is no one “right” way to practice BDSM. While some circles of the BDSM community may practice similar rules and styles, there are plenty of partners who do not get involved in their local BDSM community or dungeon and prefer to keep their practice and relationships private.

    No Title No42 by Sukida

    Interested in trying BDSM?

    It can be a nerve-wracking business for those interested in trying any BDSM practice to introduce it to their partner, for fear of being perceived in a negative way or as a deviant. This is a valid concern considering how BDSM is typically perceived by the public in general. A common suggestion among experienced practitioners is to not approach a partner with terms like the above, but instead to make gradual and comfortable introductions to build on. Communication and openness is also crucial. For example, one interested in experiencing nipple clamps could begin with asking their partner for light pinching with the fingers, and over a series of encounters, request a gradual increase in pressure, all the while being open and attentive to their partners comfort level with the activity. Those interested in trying erotic spanking with their partner should begin with an open, honest, and kind approach, expressing interest and sweetly asking permission in a passionate moment to try a few swats lightly. Warming up the gluteal area with light spanking can be exciting and arousing for both involved. Light play can graduate into more intense practices, like crops, caning, or whips, depending on your curiosity level.

    BDSM art
    No Title No14 by Sukida

    Safe, sane, and consensual BDSM

    Whips may sound extreme to some, but there are plenty of practitioners who enjoy the eroticism of receiving sensual and erotic stimulation from the sting of a whip. As with any tool, however, it is absolutely essential to understand how to use it before unleashing gleeful strokes on an eager partner and severely harming them. While there is a danger of physically harming someone, there is equal opportunity for emotional harm. One partner may thoroughly enjoy dirty talk that others may perceive as degrading (terms like whore, slut, etc.). Another partner may strongly desire what is called “aftercare” immediately following a “scene” or experience, and if that tenderness and attentiveness are not provided, there can be emotional ramifications and wounds. The key to understanding what any partner wants or is comfortable within any relationship, BDSM practice or no, all lie within the same word: communication. It is entirely possible to have a passionate, fun, and erotic experience within a relationship, however, if needs, dislikes, and desires are not crisply and clearly expressed before any activities take place of the BDSM nature, it can be like playing a game of relationship roulette.

    No Title no18 by Sukida

    For further information on how to safely practice BDSM activities, have a look at SM101 by Jay Wiseman, and/or get in touch with your local BDSM community to seek out advice from experienced and trustworthy practitioners. Your local community is usually easily found online and located within your nearest prominent city.


  • Patrick Palmer 5924

    How To Buy One of a Kind Art (Without Breaking The Bank)

    There’s no denying it, truly impressive one-of-a-kind art comes with a price tag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to own one. Whether you’re an interior decorator looking to find a...

    There’s no denying it, truly impressive one-of-a-kind art comes with a price tag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to own one. Whether you’re an interior decorator looking to find a piece that fits your budget or looking for a piece of your own without breaking the budget, we’re here to help.

    The Benefits (& Challenges) of One-of-a-Kind Art

    One-of-a-kind art is, by definition, unique. In and of itself, this is a huge part of the appeal. It makes a piece inherently more interesting, transforming your decor into a conversation piece. As well, it helps decorations speak to your interests and personality.

    Patrick Palmer 5924

    Original artwork has a quality all its own. It has a feeling and emotion to it as if the artist is channeling themselves directly into the piece. Unlike a copy, it has all the heart and inspiration the artist pours into their work. It’s a quality that’s difficult to quantify but easy to feel.

    Being a unique piece makes it all the more desirable. One-of-a-kind art prints are often sought after and prized by collectors. This demand makes these pieces far more valuable when investing in art.

    Of course, the same scarcity that makes them so valuable and the pride of art collectors makes them that much more difficult to obtain. The two biggest challenges with one-of-a-kind artwork are:

    1. 1. Availability
    2. 2. Price
    Julia Grayson 6927
    Artist: Julia Grayson

    In this article, we provide inside tips on how to find accessible and affordable one-of-a-kind art that you love.

    Ease Of Access: Online Art Galleries

    We are living in a golden age of art accessibility. With the internet taking over how we discover, purchase and experience art it’s easier to discover artists and find pieces that match your tastes. No longer are you bound to look for art only at local galleries and exhibitions.

    The advent of online art galleries has not only made it easier to find amazing artwork from around the world but also to find more niche genres. In the past, finding niche prints like one-of-a-kind erotica and nude art meant having to be in the know.

    Shulman 7315
    Nude #655 by Shulman

    Now it’s easier than ever to search for any genre of art. With our nude and erotic art gallery, people don’t need to be lifestyle enthusiasts or “plugged-in” to the art community.

    Online galleries provide access to your favorite genres and art styles, right at your fingertips. This makes them an ideal solution for finding one-of-a-kind art.

    Look For Emerging Artists

    The cost of art is, generally, tied directly to the name of the artist. Once artists are able to establish their name the price of their art skyrockets. If you want to buy one-of-a-kind art without breaking the bank, an established artist isn’t the ideal choice.

    Erotic Painter
    10-1-18 Seated figure | Thomas Donaldson

    Instead, you want to seek out emerging artists. Getting one-of-a-kind art from an emerging artist isn’t just less expensive, it’s also the best investment opportunity. On top of getting art at the best price, when the artist becomes well known, the value of the art soars well above the purchase price.

    Of course, this leads to the question, how do you spot an emerging artist who is likely to grow? Here are a few pointers you can use:

    1. Look for art that you like

    The best way to feel good about an art investment is to find a piece you love. Even if you’re buying solely as an investment, it can take time for an emerging artist to hit their stride. So it’s worth having something you want to look at. Besides, with so much art available finding something you like is a good way to narrow down the options.

    Rick 7237
    From Beneath You by Rick

    As well, your support will help this artist grow. So all the more reason to buy from an artist who you’d like to see more work from.

    2. Research the artist

    The first thing to do when you pick a piece is to Google the artist. While you want someone unknown enough to keep the prices lower, you also want someone who has a bit of momentum.

    Good signs are if the artist has a PR agent and is featured in galleries. That shows that the industry has some faith in this artist. As well, you want to find someone who had been featured in some publications. The sweet spot is usually one or two publications. It’s enough to get their name out and give the push they need, but not enough to raise their pricing significantly.

    3. Research the models

    This is especially valuable for photographers. The models an artist works with are a good signifier of their standing and performance. As well, a good model adds to the value, recognition, and promotion of the artist.

    Todd Monk 4730
    Closer by Todd Monk

    As well, it speaks to the quality of the artist. Top models will only work with an artist they respect and who can get the best work out of their poses. A bad picture is as bad for the model as it is for the photographer.

    An artist who is beginning to work with well-known models is likely on the verge of breaking out.

    The Size of The Art Work

    Size can have an impact on the cost of art. Generally, for print and canvas, the larger the piece the more it costs. With statues, the size is not necessarily reflected in the price. The size of the statue is whatever size the artist thought might work best.

    One Of A Kind Sculpture
    Cyprus – Semi Nude | Anthony Jeffries

    For print, originals are often large. But that depends on the preference of the artist. Artists who produce originals on smaller canvases may have a lower price than large or oversized photos and paintings.

    What you should keep in mind most of all when choosing the art size is where you want to put it. An oversized piece doesn’t make sense if there’s no space for it. Just as a smaller piece isn’t effective when you’re trying to decorate a large area. The space where an oversized painting is ideal will likely require multiple pieces in various other sizes.

    Consider Limited Edition Art

    For the budget-conscious art-buyer one-of-a-kind isn’t always a feasible option. That doesn’t mean you need to submit to mass-produced prints. It’s worth taking a look at limited edition art.

    Erotic Digital Art
    Tranquilita | Vito Piacente

    Limited edition art prints have many similar value points to one-of-a-kind art. They’re still high-quality and fairly unique pieces that hold value as an investment.

    For more information, read our Guide to Shopping for Limited Edition Art.

  • Art Basel Face Sculpture

    Sculptures vs Art Prints

    When decorating with sculptures vs art prints, there are many differences and similarities you will need to consider. But first, are you decorating the room around the art? Or are you decorating your room...

    When decorating with sculptures vs art prints, there are many differences and similarities you will need to consider. But first, are you decorating the room around the art? Or are you decorating your room with art?

    “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

    Marshall McLuhan’s words ring true in the art world as they do in popular media. Different types of artwork carry different messages, meanings and have a different impact on decor.

    Decorating With Sculptures

    A sculpture makes a statement. While you can buy paintings and sculptures in the same category, such as erotic art, having a sculpture says something different than art prints or paintings. As such, you need to approach decorating witch sculptures differently.

    A sculpture will often draw attention and be a focal point in a room, or at least in its area. It compels the viewer to examine and appreciate it from different angles. As such, it’s nice to have it mounted in such a way that it is visible from all, or multiple, sides.

    Sculpture Red Velvet Vulva 7320
    Artist: AMÍE N. MILTON

    A sculpture works in a different dimension and serves to bring a room to life. Whether free-standing, wall-mounted or sitting on a table or shelf, they bring a dynamic element to space.

    Often, people will use large sculptural art as the focal point in the room. However, any truly interesting sculpture will command attention no matter where you put it. They’re a great addition to any part of a room that could use some livening up.

    Decorating With Art Prints

    Photographs, paintings, and illustrations are just a few examples of popular art prints. Each has its own unique considerations for home decor, but they also follow some similar rules.

    Photographer: Roger Michel Fichmann

    Most prints are wall-mounted, but they can vary in display. Frames can be ornate, decorative, simple, or have no frame at all. Generally, an art print will work with the existing colors and themes found in the room.

    Similarities Between Decorating With Art Prints & Sculptures

    One of the biggest similarities between decorating with prints and sculptures is the need to tie them in with the design of the room. This can mean that you choose your art to either flow with the colors of the room or completely stand out. In a neutral-colored room, the artwork may be chosen to purposefully stand out, with bold colors and imagery.

    Sculpture Ruslana 7395

    Another similarity is to tie the artwork into the thematic design of the room through complementing or contrasting themes. A contrasting theme will make the art stand out, whereas a complementary theme will make the room fit together.

    Differences Between Decorating With Art Prints & Sculptures

    Before Investing in Art, understand the space where it will live. The differences in decorating with prints vs sculptures have to do with dimensions. Sculptures have 3 dimensions, where prints are comparatively flat. As a result, their placing needs to be considered differently.

    Free-standing or wall-mounted sculptures should be placed somewhere where they will not obstruct movement.

    Another consideration for sculptures is their materials. A white marble sculpture, for instance, may not look best if it will be placed on a white marble countertop. However, if placed in a room with marble columns or installments, it will fit in nicely.

    As well, if you have a statue, people will touch it. Make sure it is placed somewhere safe and stable. Among other forms of art, sculptures have the unique ability to be able to convey meaning through physical interaction.

    Above all, when you are investing in a piece of art, it should be something that draws you back to it.

  • Thomas Donaldson 6849

    Investing In Art

    You love art. You're interested in investing in art. Perhaps you have diverse taste, or a particular type you prefer above all others. Ideal affordable artwork includes photography in editions and digital...

    You love art. You’re interested in investing in art. Perhaps you have diverse taste, or a particular type you prefer above all others. Ideal affordable artwork includes photography in editions and digital works. In fact, many art critics and curators of emerging contemporary art have pointed to the increasing currency of digital photography in the creative field in terms of its potential for innovation and new ideas.

    Thomas Donaldson 6849
    4-5-19 FADE TO GREY by Thomas Donaldson

    As well, erotic art has increasing cache these days, lead by advocates of the visual and socio-political value of this genre, The World Museum of Sex, The Tom of Finland Foundation, MOSex, New York, as well as festivals such as the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and daring new gallery shows like Hotter Than July: Eat Your Art Out.

    A wonderful way to begin your collection, this type of flatwork is easy to care for, frame and ship and as such does not have excessive additional costs. A testament to the driving force of the individual collector’s taste and vision, private photography collections have become some of the best known and most coveted loans for high caliber museum shows.

    Let passion be your guide to collecting or investing in art.

    Paperbag 7194

    Many experts recommend that collectors purchase artwork because they have a passion for the picture or object, and will be pleased if they have a return should they decide to sell the work, but for the most part, feel privileged to own the artwork. As well, it is very exciting to choose work from a curated selection from an online art dealer, knowing you have the very best presented to you.

    The art market, some technical details.

    The pricing and evaluation of an individual piece of art is linked to the market value of similar works by the artist or related artists and appreciation or depreciation reflected in historical sales. All these factors, in turn, depend on the fluctuation of taste as well as what is being offered within the art market at the time.

    One Of A Kind Painting
    The Return of Bettie Page | Corné Akkers

    Classification of art as an asset.

    Technically, art is considered an “alternative investment or asset” by financial advisors and is not regulated in the United States by the FSCS. Generally, art is not liquid, in the sense, one can sell art at any time like one can sell equities, or property to make income. Art has a lower compound return than other alternative assets like wine and/or gold. While the expectation, in general, is that like a stock, you purchase the artwork for a lower value and expect to sell it later at a greater price, in fact, much like the stock market, this is not entirely predictable.

    Long term monetary value artists.

    Aranka Israni 5650
    Support by Aranka Israni

    Certain artists will always have lasting monetary value, unlikely to depreciate unless there is temporary flooding of the market with similar works because, for example, the artist’s family is selling limited edition copy prints, etc. The more secure or stable investments have tended to be early 20th-century modern artists modernism, such as Pablo Picasso. This statement holds true upon examination of auction records.

    Purchasing historical artwork.

    While the art world is not known for transparency, before investing in art, we encourage you to ask for such information upfront. A reputable dealer will not hesitate to provide you with value, condition reports, exhibit history, edition number if applicable, an artist’s biography, authentication documents and/or examination reports by the artist’s foundation if applicable, and comparable sales reports. Artnet has pushed for such transparency and Christie’s and Sotheby’s and other prominent auction houses are held to these standards as well.


    Purchasing contemporary artwork.

    It’s a great idea to purchase work from emerging and mid-career artists whose work is affordable, and yet at the same time, engaged in contemporary artistic practice. At the forefront of artistic invention, digital photography is considered a relatively new and continually evolving genre and was recently the subject of a wonderful exhibit at the prestigious American institution, The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

    Alice Zilberberg 5560

    Some issues to consider before investing in art.

    The joy and privilege of purchasing work from a living artist or an artist’s estate is that you can communicate directly with the artist or through his dealer or estate. You are part of a creative world and this is in itself, what art collecting is about.

    Certainly, we are well aware, that famous contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons have garnered astronomical prices. However, it can be said that such work, while fascinating, does not have the same historical and critical status as iconic early 20th century masters and as such there is no guarantee in terms of future value.

    Before investing in art, ask for information about the artist’s ideas, learn more about the process, enrich the experience of owning a piece of creativity, take notes and keep all documentation. It may be of interest to a curator or art lover or become valuable authentication records in the future.

    Todd Monk 4726
    Wet and Wild by Todd Monk

    Investing in art is best guided by the purchaser’s passion or love for a special piece of art first and foremost, followed by an appraisal of the quality and condition of the piece, and the proper credentials, e.g. proper provenance (history of ownership), documentation, and certificates of authentication either from the dealer, auction house, gallery or artist foundation.

    Always be aware of any gaps in ownership during the WWII years as a work could potentially have looting issues, and one wants to avoid this at all costs, as it puts you at risk for lawsuits, ethical issues, etc. If there is a gap, you should hire a qualified provenance researcher or contact the Art Loss Registry based in London.


    Art Provocateur is the premier online gallery of erotic art prints.  Browse our gallery of limited edition and one-of-a-kind artwork. We have the largest selection of provocative nude art from both established artists and rising stars.

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    How To Decorate With Nude Art

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; especially if your goal is to decorate with nude art, and even more so in the case of...

    When beginning the decorating process or reassessing the décor of a home, it can be more than a little intimidating; especially if your goal is to decorate with nude art, and even more so in the case of choosing decor for an office or place of business. For those with a taste for provocative art, a unique decorating challenge presents itself in this endeavor. It is not an altogether different challenge than decorating with non-nude art, as many of the same “rules” apply in both cases. Therefore, those flirting with the idea of decorating with nude or provocative art have nothing to be concerned about; on the contrary, they should go with their instincts. Provocative art carries an intriguing allure that most people find irresistible. The mystery and uniqueness of such pieces display a boldness that captures interest. They can be very striking and either command attention or subtly invite it. Guests of a place of business or a home displaying sexy or nude art will notice, and impressions are made as a result. The question then is how to decorate with nude art in an elegant and appealing way.

    Water Walker by Craig Colvin

    Decorating with nude art is not entirely different than decorating with any other form of art. The goal and focus are to place pieces in an order of structure and color that is pleasing and inviting. When choosing to decorate with nude art pieces, one must keep in mind the color and tone they are seeking for their environment. Is color a factor when choosing, or is it practical to skip being concerned about wall color and choose black and white photography? The choice of color in a room, in any circumstance, is the main factor that determines an individual style and selection. It sets the tone of what people will experience when they spend any length of time there. Another factor to consider is the concept of feng shui, the ancient Chinese method of arranging the order in a space to create a positive flow of energy. Considering the scientific studies that back the concept of energy, the practice of feng shui is worth considering when decorating with nude art. Common “laws” of feng shui arrangement include utilizing uplifting forms of artwork, providing plenty of natural light, pairing together pieces appropriately (framed pieces side by side), accent lights, and avoiding any artwork that expresses estrangement or violence.

    Decorating with nude art can liberalize an environment for lovemaking.

    The decorating opportunities for nude art are broad, especially when appropriately applied in place of business or home. The bedroom, of course, is one of the best places to decorate with nude art or erotica, for obvious reasons. It can create a liberalizing environment for lovemaking, especially when the provocative art of sexy nudes are part of the décor. The combination of passionate colors (such as rich roses and warm chocolates) with provocative art, can promote a passionate, erotic playground. Likewise, the combination of nude art with muted tones such as pale violet, sea green, or sand can promote a peaceful and cool or warm space for lazy enjoyment.

    Bodyscape by Anton Belovodchenko

    Decorating other areas of a home can be a puzzling assignment, as the environment outside the bedroom is exposed to all guests and the intimacy level here is lowered. In these areas, it is important to choose pieces that promote the comfort, enjoyment, and even curiosity of guests. It is possible to decorate tastefully with provocative art, in a way that promotes conversation, camaraderie and entertains company. Subtlety can be powerful. A balanced blend of erotic art among other art styles and colors is conversational, pleasant, and sophisticated.

    This concept applies to places of business, as well. The question of the appropriateness of using provocative décor in a place of business may have some raising their eyebrows, but depending on the pieces displayed, decorating with nude art in a business setting (depending on the setting desired) can impact a business environment in positive ways, also. Of course, it depends on the business and which style or image that business would like to project.

    Untitled by Alina Lebedeva

    The pieces chosen are important factors when decorating with nude art. This pertains to artist, tone, and style. A piece created by a particular artist will say something about you, the owner, as an individual. So, examine the artist. Read their bio, and learn a little about them. The tone of a piece is also important. Don’t settle for less than what you want to portray. If you are trying to display passion, pay attention to the tone of the piece. A portrayal of naughtiness, innocence, or a simple but striking woman’s form will each speak in their own tones. The styling is also important. Be sure that the textures within the artwork with the textures within the room. Eclecticism does work, but be sure to fully understand eclecticism before attempting to put it into practice.

    Dara by Craig Morey

    Those venturing into the exciting world of collecting nude art will best be served to carefully choose pieces that speak to them in a unique way. Whether for personal enjoyment or displayed for all to see, a personal collection of provocative décor will engage guests and likely get tongues wagging.

  • P5112-bedroom-wall-art

    Guide to Shopping for Limited Edition Art

    You don’t need to be an art aficionado to own limited edition art. Collectors and interior designers alike agree that shopping for limited edition art is your best option whether you’re buying a...

    You don’t need to be an art aficionado to own limited edition art. Collectors and interior designers alike agree that shopping for limited edition art is your best option whether you’re buying a single piece or growing a collection.

    There are a number of benefits to buying limited edition art that goes beyond exclusivity. They also offer higher-quality prints and are better investments than mass-produced prints. On top of all this, they also offer a more unique look. Mass-produced art may have mass appeal, but it doesn’t really say anything unique about you or your home.

    limited edition art

    This guide can help anyone from professional decorators to first-time buyers learn what to look for when shopping for limited edition artwork.

    Size of Edition

    The size of the edition is the number of prints available for a piece, not the actual dimensions of the print. So if, for example, an edition is limited to 200 prints, the size of the edition is 200. The edition size is unchanging.

    As a rule, the more limited the edition in number of prints, the greater its relative value. This also helps to increase the art’s appreciation. Over time, other prints may become damaged, lost, or simply owned by people who are unwilling to sell. These factors make the piece rarer and difficult to find. As a result, the value increases.

    limited edition art print

    The dimensions of the print can come into play in the edition size. Often, artists will offer smaller prints in greater edition sizes than larger prints. This way, more people have access to their art. But, people who buy big prints still get a unique, more exclusive piece of art.


    A proofis an impression made by the printer to ensure the print is ready for production. The artist’s proofs will often have notes or even sketches on them with any necessary changes for the print.

    Although proofs were initially intended as a quality assurance device before printing a full edition, they have since become desirable pieces of art.

    limited edition print

    An artist’s proof is not included in the size of an edition. Due to their scarcity and the uniqueness of having the artist’s notes on the artwork, artist’s proofs can have greater value than a completed print.

    A proof isn’t for everyone though. Although a proof can yield a higher investment, many people prefer to have the completed art print, designed as the artist intended. This is especially true if the art is intended to be displayed in the home. Generally, proofs are most prized amongst collectors.

    Look For Rising Talents

    Whether you want to get the most for your money or have more unique art, purchasing from rising artists is a great option. Their work is generally less expensive than bigger names that are already established.

    As well, someone with a good eye for rising talent can stand to get a great return on their investment. Once they establish themselves, the value of their early work rises drastically. Pairing this with the low initial cost makes for a great investment.

    nude art limited edition print

    It’s not just a financial investment. Established artists may fall out of fashion. But a rising star is only going to grow in vogue. You can be ahead of the curve and on top of the art scene by shopping limited edition art from emerging artists.

    Buying from emerging talent is also a great way to support them. If you appreciate their art style, you can help influence the art scene by purchasing their art, as well as directly supporting that artist as well.

    Print Quality

    Limited edition art generally has greater print quality than mass-produced artwork. With a limited number of prints, each has to come out perfect and with lasting quality. When shopping for limited prints, be sure to find out how the distributor prints and ships the pieces.

    limited edition print

    At Art Provocateur Gallery, each of our erotic art prints are backed by the APG Guarantee. We work exclusively with certified Hahnemühle fine art printers. They are printed on the highest quality fine art materials and are delivered with an approved carrier or specialty white-glove service.

    Every limited edition art print we offer comes with a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the artist.

    Buy Limited Edition Erotic Art Prints

    With these pointers in mind, you are ready to buy your next limited edition print. You can search for your favorite established and upcoming artists, or browse our gallery of limited edition art to find the most tantalizing pieces available.