• Dr Laura Henkel, Sexologist

    Sexologist Laura Henkel Interview

    So, you know about sex? And indeed, she does. Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art. Laura’s curated exhibitions, performances, film premieres, and artists’ talks, have been...

    So, you know about sex?

    And indeed, she does. Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art. Laura’s curated exhibitions, performances, film premieres, and artists’ talks, have been instrumental in bringing erotica into the public sphere in a thoughtful, visually fascinating and provocative way. She’s got the smarts, charm, confidence and beauty to enthrall.

    Dr Laura Henkel

    In addition to these platforms, Laura is the founder of the groundbreaking gallery in Sin City Gallery, the site of over 100 exhibits, including an amazing Bunny Yeager exhibit as well as the contemporary artwork of Jeff Wack.

    Dr. Laura Henkel is a sexologist and a specialist in erotic art.

    The captivatingly smart and beautiful Laura is also the brain behind the well-known 12 Inches of Sin, Juried Exhibition of International Erotic Contemporary Art, now in its fifth year. This year saw the publication of a series of four books, one for every year of the exhibition, delightfully illustrated with artist’s statements, critical essays and forewords by people in the field: artists, performers, critics, curators and collectors.

    “A Boy and His Monsters” | 12 Inches of Sin show

    As Laura puts it, there is so much art they can barely fit it in. Only a Texan with this much charm can enchant so many people into releasing their inhibitions about erotic and provocative art.

    The Interview.

    APG: So Laura, have you always been so “sex positive?”

    Laura: My ‘sex positive’ nature stems from my upbringing. No subject was taboo and my parents taught me to respect diversity.

    APG: Interesting. Do you think it’s intimidating to be in a relationship with a sexologist or just totally fun?

    Laura: A little of both.

    APG: Tell me about your favorite artistic expressions of sexuality –contemporary, modern, historic?

    Laura: My favorite historic-artistic expression is sculpture and primarily marble. Michelangelo’s ‘The Slaves’ is absolutely exquisite. There are so many other art forms that I enjoy: performance, video, photography, paintings. I like art that is intellectual. To me, that is sexy.

    “Dying Slave” | Michelangelo Buonarotti

    APG: Tell me more about your background please?

    Laura: My undergraduate studies focused on transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of humanity’s highest potential, and with the recognition, understanding, and realization of unifying, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness. When I decided to attend graduate school, I knew I wanted to continue those studies by specializing in human sexuality. For me, human sexuality embodies body, mind and spirit, as a whole in its truest form.

    APG: This is such a complex concept, and yet you make it clear with such ease. So okay, can you explain what a sexologist is?

    Laura: Sexology is the scientific study of sexuality. A sexologist is someone who has studied all areas of sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, the dynamics of sexual relationships, as well as the mechanics of sexual contact/acts. A sexologist looks to other disciplines to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how sex works in the context of social, cultural and religious environments.

    APG: What’s the craziest “sex-focused artwork” or “sex-focused artistic performance” you’ve organized?

    Laura: Hmmm, craziest. I think that may be a moving target as to what may be considered reasonable. I do think ‘The Operation’ by Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander is one of the greatest artistic films ever made.

    “The Operation” [1995] | Pander & Lucas
    APG: People often seek tips, ideas, or sexy things like erotica to stimulate a relationship; do you have any standard advice for spicing things up?

    Laura: As long as it is responsible, respectful and consensual… anything goes.

    APG: I like this advice. So…Seduction: what is it?

    Laura: Seduction is an art form in its own right. It is enticing. It is desirable. It is alluring.

    APG: On the other side of the spectrum… You were once quoted saying that you have watched over 300 hours of porn. Was this part of your studies? Did this expand your knowledge of human sexuality and make you more open, or can this desensitize a person?

    Laura: This was required curriculum for my graduate studies. The objective was to discover what my own judgments might be and the feelings associated to particular subject matters in order that I would not project or transfer my position onto someone else. The experience definitely made me think more openly and be clear about my own personal likes and dislikes.

    Portrait of Sappho by unknown artist in Campania, Italy C First century
    Portrait of Sappho by unknown artist in Campania, Italy C First century

    APG: Fascinating! Are there particular types of people that seem universally appealing? Are they scientific or cultural reasons?

    Laura: Sappho, from the Greek Island of Lesbos, was an intellectual poet who wrote many love poems to other women in 600 B.C. There has always been a fascination and fantasy in this context.

    APG: People were excited about the work by Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama. It will only be the second exhibit of the artist’s work in the United States, so this is quite notable. I love his imaginative, humorous, and sexy work.

    Laura: Yes we are so delighted to organize Hajime Sorayama’s show. Of course, I am a fan of the work; he is a true artist with an amazing imagination.

    art print by hajime sorayama
    Hajime Sorayama | Art Print

    APG: I noticed that many women sexologists are also activists in some capacity, are you?

    Laura: I believe that arts and culture are essential to creating an even greater community, and improving the quality of life of its citizens. Art challenges boundaries, fascinates, arouses and captivates by affording a peek into ourselves and others in its truest form.

    APG: Thank you Laura, this has been really intriguing!

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  • Wonderhussy Sarah Jane Woodall

    Sarah Jane Woodall Interview

    Obviously, California born Sarah Jane Woodall is just a blast to be with: and not only because she’s delightful to look at, she’s funny, she knows her own mind, likes to be naked, and is just...

    Obviously, California born Sarah Jane Woodall is just a blast to be with: and not only because she’s delightful to look at, she’s funny, she knows her own mind, likes to be naked, and is just gorgeously sexy.

    Sarah has become delightfully notorious for luscious nude photographs in every outfit, role, and persona imaginable. I bet if there is something you like, well, there is a picture of sweet Sarah doing it.

    The Interview.

    APG: You are so at ease with your body and nudity; can you tell me how you came to be so comfortable in your own skin?

    Sarah: I started modeling nude to prove a point to myself. I had always felt that there was nothing shameful in a naked body, yet when I started modeling I had a very strict “NO NUDES” clause in my contract. At that time, I was in a relationship with a pretty conservative guy….and when he and I broke up, I asked myself what was stopping me from being truly free. The answer was: NOTHING!!! So, I shed my clothes and my inhibitions, and have never looked back.

    Wonderhussy Sarah Jane Woodall
    Image courtesy of Sarah Woodall

    APG: I have heard that your appeal is part sex kitten part girl next door and you are really into being outdoors and into nature.Sarah: “I am a HUGE outdoors nut!! I live in the desert, so that’s my #1 spot. I love the sand dunes, the dry lake beds, the red rocks….I love the sunshine and the blue skies and the WIDE OPEN SPACES!”

    APG: It takes a certain amount of freedom, confidence, intuition, and creativity to be a model and to be a performer. I was wondering if you admire any models or burlesque performers?

    Sarah: I never really thought much of Bettie Page until I saw that movie they made about her a few years ago. There were SEVERAL scenes in that film that really resonated me with — in a REALLY WEIRD way, my life is paralleling hers. Although I have not found the same level of success…yet!

    I also admire performance artist Annie Sprinkle IMMENSELY for her work demystifying the female body. “Public Cervix Announcement” is TO DIE FOR!

    APG: Speaking of Annie Sprinkle, your recent foray into fine art was a great success. I would love to know more about the creative drive behind the performances that have recently received a great deal of press. I am thinking of the piece “The Electric Vagina” that premiered at the arts and culture festival Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas as part of Sin City Gallery’s curated gallery show.

    Sarah: I was hired as a sexy mud wrestler at one of the Vegas casinos, and each lady wrestler had a very cartoonish, sexy persona: Dirty Diana, G.I. Jane, etc. When it came time to devise my own character, rather than pander to some dumb sexist fantasy I preferred to come up with something empowering. I already knew my name would be Wonderhussy, so I bought a traditionally sexy Wonder Woman costume and made some modifications.

    “My name would be Wonderhussy” – Sarah Jane Woodall

    I thought back to my high school art class sketchbooks, to a drawing of a woman with an electrical outlet for a vagina: a sexless hybrid of Man and Machine, a sexual Cyborg with none of the traditionally messy romantic and sexual entanglements. I made an electrical codpiece to fit over my Wonder Woman costume, plugged in a power drill with the longest, meanest concrete drill bit I could find….and attached an American flag to the end.

    Wonderhussy Sarah Jane Woodall
    Image courtesy of Sarah Jane Woodall

    APG: And this developed further into an extended character-driven performance?

    Sarah: I modified the idea for my favorite arts festival, Burning Man — I plugged in a blender instead of a drill, and blended up pitchers of delicious, frosty Coladas using nothing but Kegel power! I am currently brainstorming new electrical appliances/devices that I can plug into my Electric Vagina for the amusement and edification of others. Stay tuned!

    APG: So……What is your next big project?

    I am working on Electric Vagina 2.0: the Uber Vagina! In this version, you download an app and order up a cyber vagina when you need one…direct to your home. The vagina shows up, but no cash changes hands — it’s all done over the app. No fuss, no muss. Still hashing out the legalities.

    Beautiful Sarah Jane Woodall in summation, she makes us laugh, feel good about ourselves, makes us want to know her more, and keeps us in wait for her next entertaining idea, and of course, her next hot picture.

    We look forward to more creative, rebellious performative pieces, and maybe a few more nudes.