Sex Training

When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other...

When learning about sex, pleasures, and sexual relationships, men often receive the short end of the stick. Most sex tips come from porn videos, adult movies, word-of-mouth from peers, or other non-medical areas. 

All in all, while most men want to be great at sex, they lack the basic understanding of what helps the body execute its fantasies. So, what is the solution?

Nude and erotic art can be a powerful tool for expressing and exploring sexuality, and incorporating sex training can deepen the understanding and representation of sexual themes in artistic works. From erotic paintings to sensual sculptures, artists have long used their craft to portray the beauty and complexity of human sexuality. By incorporating sex training, artists can better understand the nuances of sexual expression and create more nuanced and authentic representations of sexuality in their work. Moreover, exploring sexuality through art can be a powerful means of personal growth and self-discovery, as well as a way to challenge cultural taboos and stereotypes surrounding sex.

So in today’s article, we will go through various ways to train your body and mind to be better at and enjoy sex as an intimate form of bonding with your lover. Let us begin!

What Makes Sex Better?

Training to be a better sexual person and partner is all about seeing into yourself and discovering what you are capable of. So the following are some tips that can improve your sex life and make you feel healthier.

1. Work Out Daily

Exercising every day helps to improve your sex life. According to Matthew N. Simmons, MD, Ph.D. from the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland, exercising as little as 15 minutes daily can boost your physical progress and sexual prowess. 

And there is scientific backing to this claim. Exercising helps to energize your body, which boosts your libido. Moreover, working out also helps to encourage a positive body image, which makes you more confident while hooking up. 

2. Communicate Your Sexual Needs

Let’s talk about sex. Many, to this day, are shy about expressing their sexual needs to the person they love. But it’s crucial to communicate how you want your intimate moments to be, to make them carnal passionate, and all about your raw desires for each other. 

Talking about sex improves the sexual bond you two share. It helps both of you to try out things that each other craves while fooling around with each other. Moreover, it solves the question, “What makes you feel good in bed?”

When you both know each other’s kinks, fetishes, turn-ons, and turn-offs, sex feels more intoxicating and fired up. 

3. Do Chores, Together

This might sound lame, but these little things can turn the heat up between you two. Go grocery shopping, cook and shower together, and do various things in pairs.

Soon, you will find yourself looking at how she moves and her allure in everything she does. This increases the infatuation with her, making you fantasize about sexy things you wish to do with her. 

In a way, you are letting your imagination run wild by being around her more. And you are doing the same thing to her. Certain chores together can raise sexual tension, making you both want to leave your tasks and entangle in each other’s arms. 

4. Take the Foreplay Out of Your Bedrooms

Having sex everywhere inside your home is a great way to tackle sexual performance anxiety. If you feel the bedroom is limiting to your talents, ask her if she is comfortable taking it to another part of the home. 

The bathroom, the kitchen, and the living rooms are unconventional parts of the home for a full-blown lovemaking session. Soon you will find yourself performing to your heart’s content, making her arch her back and moan out your name. 

Removing insecure factors from your environment can improve your sex drive and confidence by two folds. So if you feel you cannot make her squirt in bed, go down on her while she bakes a cake or tries to, at least, without losing her mind to your sensual pleasures. 

5. Opt to Join Sexual Masterclasses

Since most men need an extra hand knowing about sex, there are professional masterclasses that can help you learn all about pleasing your lady. 

There is a lot to learn about sex, such as:

  • Sex positions
  • Penis sizes
  • Sex-related diseases
  • Tips for foreplay and more

And when you have a skillful coach guiding you towards being the best at all the platforms, your lady will swoon at the very sight of you. Sex masterclasses can re-ignite bland relationships and make couples feel powerfully confident in their skills. 

This training will make you feel that you have control over how well your kinky sessions will go. So try one today!


Sex training is not always about learning new positions but about learning to love yourself and your actions in bed. When you learn how to please a woman while pleasing yourself, you have achieved the true art of being a passionate man for your lady.


Artwork by Sneganam