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This artwork was created in Barcelona early in 2020.

The artwork is a play on words and image. All my art is original and there's no photoshop alterations. I think that adds to the whole character artwork giving you a closer energy to the subject. My works are limited or original and this one is no different. I decided to use a mixture of paint, photography and colour alteration to create this artwork. About the Artist Gilpin is an artist that is known for his nude artworks. He has a natural skilled talent to cross different mediums and is considered nicely different in the artwork he produces.

Gilpin born in Britain, studied at the then famous Jacob Kramer Art School Leeds, England known for creating famous artists like Damien Hirst. After Art School he progressed more into design, where he harnessed his understanding of shapes and color. Over the recent years few years he has been creating artworks that include painting, photography and digital NFT type artworks.

His art is more raw, emotional and sometimes exquisitely experimental giving a sense of the journey he has taken in its creation. His artwork consists of a strong image or shapes, a good connection to the subject with his almost trademark use of color, which is exceptional and with soul.

There is definitely a passion in every piece of his artwork which is why his art is usually original or limited. Gilpin is definitely not a mass-produced artist but more an original International one, which by its very natural makes his artwork limited.

He recently exhibited at Galería Aragon 232, Barcelona late in 2020. more »
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Heaven's Gate

By Gilpin
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  • Mixed Media
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  • Style: Storytelling, Close-up
  • Subject: Female
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