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Filli reveals the glowing torso of a female nude visually draped with a kaleidoscopic snakeskin layer. Color pulls the eye through the composition to the nude herself, her decadent curves revealed in the most sophisticated manner.

2 x digital images overlayed. Color manipulation. About the Artist I don't care for the certainty of what's in front of my lens, but the creativity, the fantasy, the invention, that can gush from a thought before or thereafter. Between the certain and uncertain, there's a possible space, like in dreams and fables. My creativity stems from my lust for finding and exploring sympathies between the human body, the landscape and its texture. Oscillating between transparency and opacity, I create rich photographic art conveying the surreal, the in-between, the ambiguity of human form, the lusciousness of nature and the allegoric windows in urban surrounds. New visual and emotional images surface, often painterly and somewhat surreal, affecting the perceptions of natural reality. I call this "synthetic realism". more »
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By corrie ancone
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