Questions for APG

What kind of nude art are you looking for?

APG is curating tasteful nude photography and provocative art with a sexual and artistic appeal. We are looking for unique, seductive and alluring artwork that are appropriate for collection and display.

Can I showcase my work at APG and on other websites/galleries at the same time?

Yes. Your working with APG is not exclusive and we would encourage you to showcase your work in live galleries.

How do you market your website/gallery?

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Email marketing
3. Social media marketing
4. Public relations
5. Collaborate with big brands and magazines
6. Pop-up shops and events across the United States and Canada

Who is your target market/audience?

1. Men and women who appreciate tasteful nude and provocative art
2. Photographers & Artists
3. Designers & Interior Decorators

What sales volumes can I expect?

APG cannot guarantee sales but it can guarantee exposure to your work. Artwork is carefully curated and selected for marketing and feature/showcase on our home page and other.

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