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What is the difference between Open and Limited Edition?

Open Edition is an unlimited number of prints.

Limited Edition is limited to a specified number. Once you state a quantity within a limited edition series, you cannot exceed this quantity in its production. Limited Edition often become collectors items and offer a higher value/price per unit.

Are there any censorships/boundaries?

No  sexual penetration. No genitalia.

Who determines the price to customers?

Prices are determined by you (licensor). When you set your commission rate, you will see the customer price and can make adjustments as you see fit. For more information about our pricing and commission structure, please download the Artist User Manual when logged into your account.

How do I set my commission?

You can set your commission during product setup, specifically for each artwork by material type and size. For more details on commission settings, please refer to the Artist User Manual available for download when logged into your account.

What are the technical requirements for images?

* Images should be high quality, largest NATIVE pixel dimensions.
* Do not UPSIZE or UPRES, we will take care of this for you.
* Files should be prepared as 8 bit RGB JPEGs with your working RGB color profile embedded.
* Save your JPEG files at the highest quality possible.
* Do not exceed 100MB per image.
* Do not add any watermark or copyright info.
* Photographers: Do NOT place a signature on the front side of your photo images.

How do I upload my images?

When you log into your account you will see two buttons: Upload Images Printed and Shipped by APG or Upload Images Produced and Shipped by Artist

Choose which button applies to the artwork you want to sell. Click on + Add More Files. Then select the images (up to 10) you want to upload and click Upload Images.

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload your image files in .jpg and .jpeg format.

How do I create a product?

Log into your account and go to Images > Create Your Products in the top menu.

What is the maximum file size per image?

The maximum file size is 100 MB per image.

Why were some of my images not approved for sale at APG?

If the artwork you submitted to APG was not approved, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The style of the work is not suitable for the Art Provocateur brand
  • The model(s) looks too young
  • The model(s) looks amateur 
  • There is genitalia visible
  • There is sexual penetration visible
  • There are technical errors in the digital editing of the image
  • There is a name/logo stamp placed over the front of the image
Why are some of the images that I uploaded not visible in my list of created products?

If your image has a resolution of less than 6 megapixels it is automatically deleted.

Is there a minimum resolution required for my images?

The absolute minimum resolution required is 6 megapixels for an image that you want to sell through the website. For more information about image size and pixel to print ratios, download the Artist User Manual when logged into your account.

Can my metadata (EXIF) be read?

Yes it can. The title, description and keywords are automatically read from your metadata if you have entered it.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Yes, you can upload up to 10 images at a time.

Can I put my own watermark on the images?

No, you can not have a private watermark on your images. APG uses the files you supply to print your work when a sale is made. Please ensure that your files are print ready. For more information about how to prepare your files, download the Artist User Manual when logged into your account.

To protect your images, APG adds a watermark to your image when it is clicked to enlarge.

Is there a maximum number of products I can create?

Yes. The number of works that you can offer through Art Provocateur Gallery depends on your seller status. This ensures that you choose your images wisely. For more information about 'Seller Status' please refer to the Artist User Manual, available for download when logged into your account.

*Art Provocateur Gallery can remove limitations. If you would like us to consider your account for VIP status, contact us at

Can I set my profit margin for each individual image/product?

Yes you can. You can do this while creating a product and editing it in the commission tab. Your profit per sale can be a dollar value ($) or percent (%) of cost.

How do I ensure that my images are found?

It is important to make optimal use of the tools you have available. So take the time to add your images in the appropriate categories, use the filters and tags, and provide a good description and product name.

What language should I use for my product name, description, and tags?

Please use the English language for all your submissions.

Can I disable a product (temporarily)?

Yes, you can disable a product (temporarily) by going to the top menu > Images > Product Overview. Here you will find a list of all your products. Select the product(s) you want to disable and click on the disable products button (blue button on the top). 

How do I keep track of inventory for a limited edition series if I sell my work in multiple galleries?

APG will manage inventory you make available for sale through the website, however, any inventory you have outside of our system are your responsiblility. If you sell one of the artwork you made available at APG, it is your responsiblity to mark it as 'Sold'.

Log into your account> Product Overview> Edit> Mark as Sold.

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