Selling at APG

What are the basics of selling my images through Art Provocateur Gallery?

1. Register an account
2. We approve the account
3. Upload your artwork, set quantities and your desired commission per sale

We then market, sell, produce, insure, ship, handle all customer service, and pay your commission per sale.

Do I have to sign an agreement with APG?

Yes. When you register an account you will be asked to agree to our Licensing Agreement.

Can I sell my work without model release forms?

No, you cannot sell your work without model release forms. When you agree to our Licensing Agreement you also agree to have a model release form for all artwork you submit for sale at APG.

Do I have to submit model release forms to APG?

No, we do not require you to submit model release forms.

How long will it take before I get paid?

The Art Provocateur Gallery return policy offers customers the right to indicate they want to return an order within 14 days of its receipt. After this 14 day guarantee, the order is considered "Complete" and your commission becomes available for payment. We send commission payments to artists every Wednesday (except public holidays).

What type of documents do I have to submit to work with you?

You do not have to submit any documents when you register to sell your work at APG. You will only need to provide some personal details about yourself for us to be able to send you commission payments and a short biography and profile picture for our customers can get to know you.

Who owns the Copyright to the images once they are uploaded to APG?

You own all copyrights to your image files and artwork. When you upload your images to Art Provocateur Gallery you retain all rights pertaining to those images. By uploading your images to Art Provocateur Gallery you provide us with a license to sell your work through the Art Provocateur Gallery website.

Are my image files safe with you?

Yes. Your pictures are absolutely safe with us.  At APG we go the extra mile to protect your property by doing the following:

1. When you upload your image files to APG servers, our system encrypts the image file names to prevent any unauthorized users from access
2. Your high-resolution images are converted to a much lower resolution for display on the APG website
3. When creating your products you can elect to have an APG watermark placed over your images when clicked for large preview
4. Right-click and save is disabled on product preview

Why is the agreement termination period 60 days?

The agreement termination period is 60 days to allow APG to complete any pending orders which include processing, production, shipping and allowing for the 14-day satisfaction guarantee period to pass. The process can range depending on production and shipping times. We chose 60 days to ensure that any and all orders are complete and final before we pay your last commission payment and consider our licensing agreement terminated.

How do I know when I've sold something?

You will be notified by email when one of your artworks is sold.

How do you promote Art Provocateur Gallery?

To attract as many visitors as possible, we promote Art Provocateur Gallery both on and offline by advertising through Google, SEO, press releases, social media and partner websites.  We also ask that our artists and publishing partners create links to product pages and promote the artwork to their audience.

How are my commission earnings paid? How often?

Sellers are paid via PayPal or wire transfer. If you elect to be paid by wire transfer, a $55 USD Administration Fee will be deducted from each transfer. Commission payments are paid every Wednesday following an order being set to 'Complete' status. Complete status means that the customers' 14-day satisfaction guarantee period has passed (28 days after the product has shipped).

Do I need to send you an invoice?

No you do not need to send us an invoice.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

If you don't have PayPal, you can elect to have your commission payments wired directly to your bank account. Please note, there is a $55 USD Administration Fee deducted from each wire transfer.

Can I choose to get paid on a monthly or quarterly basis?

If you choose to use PayPal for payment, we do not offer the option to get paid monthly or quarterly. If you choose to use wire transfer, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you pay me tax? How do I pay my taxes/VAT?

All artists are responsible for remitting their own taxes.

APG collects taxes on Canadian sales only and pays tax to Canadian artists on Canadian sales.  If you are a Canadian artist, you can save your HST number in your account profile and we will send you the tax collected on Canadian sales, with your commission payout.

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