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The dramatic ruins of an abandoned train station create a captivating environment in which the viewer is treated to a sultry female nude. Posed as if emerging from ethereal folds of fabric, this nude figure seems diminutive within this magnificent space, yet her scale reminds the viewer of the importance of closely spying eyes. About the Artist I am from the Detroit area, born and raised. I have a BFA degree from the Center For Creative Studies in Detroit. At this point in my life I feel I have found a direction in my work, that's become my passion. It is seen in the light, shadows and colors I use to explore the beauty in the Female Body, focused by the exquisite lines, curves, and shapes, that encapsulate the essence of beauty and strength of the female form.

“It is the melting of the reality that was present at the moment of exposure and the reality created in my mind. Reality is transient. My images are moments captured of reality, I control that moment, and I can bend it after that moment to create my vision. As an artist, it is the most inspiring way to express reality as I want to see it.” ~ Jim Young ~ more »
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Waiting In Abandoned Train Station

By Jim Young
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